Friday, November 17, 2017

#41 Thoughts on life

So much in the news lately about sexual harassment.  Seems the men with power have been doing this for a long time.  Not to mention the ordinary guy, there's plenty of them around who also do it.  We seem to find it difficult to have a respect for other people.  I have been around a group of men and to hear their comments on women was very disrespectful.  It was one guy would tell a story then the next guy would try and top that story, and on and on.  I never took part in these conversations, and soon began to avoid such group conversations.  Men and women have such a different thought process.  I don't have any male close friends.  My brother who I call weekly, we talk about health issues and the weather.  I would say my close and best friend is my wife.  Over the years we have changed, she has began to understand me and I her.  She has a male friend and they talk almost daily.  Long conversations mostly by him.  I know him and consider him a friend but rarely have a conversation unless he comes to our home.  Some people are born with the gift of gab.  Not me.  I guess I would be considered quiet and reserved.  I am around people 3 days a week and rarely do I start a conversation.  Good or bad that's me.

Take care, tell someone you love that you love them.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

# 40 New Things

Tomorrow is Nov. 1st.  This year has gone by rather quickly.  The weather is a little cooler in the mornings here.  Fall is here or right around the corner.  Not much change but for the temperature.  Some leaves are turning color but not like other regions in the country.  Still nice not to have to scrap frost from the windshield in the mornings.

New things.  We were driving a 10 year old pick up.  It was still in good shape but I was concerned with the reliability and some other items.  I have been looking on dealer web sites and comparing vehicles for sometime.  I wanted something like a Ford Escape.  Finally we went to the dealer to see how we fit and items we need to take to dialysis.  We were not happy with the storage area behind the 2nd seat.  So back home to do more research.  JP came into my room and said she liked the looks and price of a Honda HR-V.  She told me a local dealer had one in red and that is the color we wanted.  Friday we went down to look and try it for size.  I was sure this car was to small.  I was prepared not to like it.  The salesman brought it up and I liked the look.  Got into the front seat and was impressed with how roomy and comfortable.  Back inside we discussed our thoughts about the vehicle and decided we liked it.  We bought it, traded our pickup in.  They had some things to do on the new vehicle so we made arrangement to take delivery on Sunday.  So far I am still happy with the vehicle, but it has only been three days.

Take care be happy.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

# 39 Dreams

I not talking about dreams you have while sleeping.  Maybe I should call them aspirations.  The ability to visualize a project of some kind.  Building a cabinet for your house, or building a planter box.  I have been a dreamer most of my life.  The dreams didn't always come out the way I thought they would.  Some were successful others not so much.  The point being I took the chance to make my dream real.  As time has passed and I am older the dreams of building things has faded.  All I have left is the memories of those projects.  I have been recalling some of those projects lately.  They were not world changing, but made my work or life a little better.  They don't show much, but looking back I feel a sense of satisfaction for having fulfilled some of those dreams.

We have a 10 year old pickup which we bought new.  The mileage is low but the age of the hoses and wires have started to concern me.  It is our primary vehicle, because the Mustang is to low for me to get in and out.  I have been dreaming of a new small SUV something like a Ford Escape.  Something that size.  You get a new vehicle that fits our purpose now, and a warranty on the vehicle.  As of now I have not been able to convince my better half that this would be a good decision.  So I will let things be as they are.  Maybe she is correct.

Dreamers take a chance do something you have thought about.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

# 38 Trip to World of Speed at Bonneville Salt Flats Wendover, UT

Drove from La Mirada, CA to Wendover, UT to watch the speed trials held in September.  Used Highway 93 from Las Vegas up thru Ely, NV then Alt. 93 to Wendover.  Lots of country, not very many people.  Cattle ranch's and some Indian Reservations.  Two lane road but desert scenery was very beautiful.  Stayed in a casino in Wendover, NV.  Played a few slot machines, but no winners.

Speed trails start at sunup I would get there about 8am and stay most of the day. You see some very interesting combinations trying to set records in their class.  One guy had installed and electric motor on a skateboard and was trying for a record in that class.  I saw the worlds fastest U-Haul trailer.  Pulled by a Modified roadster go 155 mph.  Then there are the stream liners.  What a sound they make at mile 5 as they exit the timed mile.  Awesome!!!!

From Bonneville I drove to West Valley, UT to visit Sandy, MT, and T.  Good trip.  Then home to La Mirada, CA.

Good time.

Monday, October 16, 2017

# 37 Nice weekend

Had a very pleasant weekend, good company with family.  The weather was a little warm but not too bad.  When Isabel comes up for the weekend her mother gets a chance to go to lunch without worrying about me.  Gives her a break and a chance to have good talks with her daughter.  Sunday morning Isabel and I had the truck washed and did a few other little things.  Always happy when she comes for a visit.  Just a pleasant feeling having her here for awhile.

Other news David's son is home from the hospital and is doing fine.  Family at Dixon is OK.  My sibling's and I are all in our seventies now and more concerned about our health and well being.  Just take one day at a time and live as best as can.

I have been wanting to get a new SUV for sometime now.  Our pickup is 10 years old.  Low mileage, runs well but rubber hoses and things are also 10 years old.  A new one would start with a 3 year warranty and give me some relief from worrying about reliability.  Had a vehicle in mind but based on more research decided it was not one I wanted.  JP is not in favor of a new vehicle.  Have not been able to convince her it is in our best interest.

Take care, have a wonderful and productive week.

Friday, September 15, 2017

# 36 Memories

As a kid we took trips back to OK to see my parents kinfolk.  We usually stayed with my Grand Mother, my Dad's Mom.  She lived in a small town called Summerfield.  One of my Dad's brothers lived with her.  Their lifestyle was very different.  You went to the well and drew water for the house.  Outdoor toilet, wood fired kitchen stove and one stove in the living room to heat the house.  We made the trip by car.  My Mother's brothers had newer cars most of the time my Mom's Dad and Mother.  They would drop us in Summerfield and then go stay with family.  My Uncle  drove a pickup so we were there without a car.  We depended on relatives to take us around to visit other family members or they came to Grandma's house.  I think my Dad wanted to move back to OK but Mom said no.  Dad bought a used 1952 Mercury and we drove back to OK, again with Mom's brothers but this time we had a car.  Still the trip was to visit family.  Our first solo trip (again in the Mercury) was in the summer, I don't remember the year.  The trips were to visit family.  As I compare those trips to my own family trips to Spain.  At age two Sandy traveled cross country and we boarded a flight to Barcelona.  My Father in law was a very outgoing person.  They met us at the airport in a tour bus from the company he worked for.  He worked as a tour guide for people visiting Barcelona.  What a contrast to my side of the family and Jo's side of the family.  In 2015 Jo and the girls traveled back to Barcelona so the girls could see the city Jo grew up in through adult eyes.  They had a wonderful time and now the girls have a memory to share with each other and their Mom.

Happy thoughts and good travel.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

# 35 Weather

Hurricane Harvey in Texas, hurricane Irma approaching Florida and Jose forming in the Atlantic is the next one.  There's also a Cat 1 in the west coast of Mexico.  Wild fires burning in the Western US.  News but all seems bad.  Mother Nature cares little for the things humans build.  She is a powerful force.  Is this her way of telling us we need to do things differently?  We have raped this land and tried to make it conform to our wisher's.  Maybe we need to step back and reassess our expectations as stewards of our planet.