Sunday, February 15, 2009


February 13 was a memorable day. This day marked two years since I got the SSR. The weather was kinda rainy so I left it in the garage. But I went out and talked to the beauty.

See you.


Monday, February 2, 2009


Super Bowl yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game. Cardinals lost(my pick) but they played great. The offense won the game but the defense did not hold. Great catch in the corner by the Steelers.

Maybe we are not were we want to be but are there because we need to be there. My folks lived in OK. Family was close around. For their own family they decided a move was necessary. Off to CA. Jobs and a house were waiting. How much of your household things can you take in two cars? The year was 1946, September I think. There was, Mom, Dad, four kids, (6, 4, 3, 1)my Grandfather, Grandmother(my mothers Mom and Dad), my mother's brothers. Martin, Walt, and Clyde. Eleven people. The cars were not large and comfy. It was 1946. The cars were not new. The drivers were Mart and Clyde. Clyde was the baby of the family. Both had been in the Army during WWII and had served in Europe. We were headed for a new life in CA. When there are that many people and not much money, traveling is not much fun. The goal is to get from A to B. No motel's. Sleep in the car. Sandwich lunches. Breakfast in a roadside cafe. They needed the coffee. I have a distant memory of a Port of Entry at Barstow, CA. They had to unload the cars and pile everything on tables to be inspected. You never know what Okies want to bring into the "Golden State". That must have been a hard trip for my folks. But you do what you think is best for your family. My Dad's family remained in OK. I remember he wrote to his mother every week.

JP left her family in Spain to be with me in CA. We left my family in CA to move to ID. We moved back to CA but to different part. One of our daughters chose to stay in ID. She met a feller. Then they moved to UT. Our youngest chose CA(so far), the southern southern part. San Diego.

We are all separated but yet close. We share experiences, events in our lives, and love. Support and encouragement. Proud of the achievements each accomplishes. We live our own lives but there is a connection. A strong connection. We are family. That family grows through relationships. Yet the original core grows stronger. In phone calls, e-mail, blogs and visits. We love each other. But maybe beyond that we like each other.

Love you all, take care.