Saturday, January 30, 2010

Open Road

Greetings to all,
Wednesday I began my trip to UT. It rained all the way to St. George, UT. Not very a very hard rain. Not a bad drive. It felt good to be back on the open road. Lots of time to think and enjoy the feel of driving. Something feels good to me when I can get out to the open roads and just drive. The freeways around LA are so crowded it takes the fun out of driving. Thursday morning it was very foggy in St. George. I had fog most of the way till I got past Filmore(home of the world famous potato logs) then the weather was a little hazy. Rolled up to Tristan's school in time. He said he was out on the playground doing PE and he saw my pickup pull into the parking lot. It was good to see the little man. We went to his house, unloaded the truck. Had a snack and talked.

Friday was a short school day. I picked him up at 1:10pm and we went to lunch at Taco Bell. Then to Walmart* for a little shopping. Only food items, much to his disappointment.

Saturday was game day (basketball). Marty, Sandy, and I were in the stands cheering. Tristan scored 4 points for a game high and a season high. He played very well. Blocked some shots, got a few rebounds, and covered his man so close he never got the ball. Good game. His team is undefeated. Next Saturday is the final game of the season. We are going to see the Jazz play Monday night. Looking forward to the game.

Things are good here, a little cold but no snow.

Take care love to all.