Monday, March 10, 2014

#15 2014

The weekend was good.  Got and insect bite of some kind on my right calf, got sore and red.  Still red but somewhat better.  Weather has been warm almost hot.

Jo planted some strawberry's today in a hanging strawberry container.  Maybe the bugs won't eat the berry's but the birds might.  Our yard is looking very good.  The rose's in the front yard are blooming.  They look good.

Maybe we will get some corn plants put in by the pineapple sage.  Be nice to have some home grown sweet corn.

Glad T is expanding his food horizon's.

Things are normal here, just going about daily living.

Take care, love to all.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#15 2014

A very good rain we had last week.  Still below the normal rainfall but it helped a lot.  Our raining season ends  last of March.  This weekend the forecast is temps in 80's.

Saw a movie today on TV called "Wooly Boys" liked it a lot.

The solar battery charger seems to be doing the job.  Been about 10 days since I started the ssr and it fired right off.

Our patio swing needs a new top cover.  The problem is we can not find a replacement cover.  To remove the top frame and have one made is and option but maybe more expensive than a new swing.  We will need to check into this and make a descion soon.  It is pleasant to sit in the swing and enjoy the garden and the birds.

We are well and looking forward to a visit from Mia.

Take care.