Friday, September 12, 2014

#25 2014

There has been some thoughts shared recently among our blogs about jobs.  Over the years I have had a few.  Some lasted only a short time.  Summer work during my school years.  Construction work after high school, and so on.  I suppose the first one I had to study for and get a license was to sell cars.  This was in 1967.  I sold cars for a Ford sealer for about 4 months or so.  Not what I wanted to do for very long.  Was I good at the job?  I sold five or six cars and not all to family or friends.  Most of the time between 1965 and 1980 I was self employed in farming.  Doing custom farming or farming rented ground.  I think it was 1970 I moved from CA to ID to do custom fertilizer application for a large company.  I applied NH3 using a tractor and a plow.  Also during this time I acquired some haying equipment, and cut hay for farmers.  I expanded into trucks using them to apply dry fertilizer to farmers fields, this was with the large fertilizer company.  In 1980 some things happened in the family that required me to sell the equipment and go to work for and hourly wage.  This was also for the large fertilizer company.  This time I was driving a truck picking up chemicals and delivering them to various locations.  Over about 5 states with a base in ID.  Also at this time I managed a warehouse where I received and shipped chemicals from.  In 1985 I moved to SoCal to work in the industrial chemical side for the same company.  I had various jobs there, manufacturing, truck driving, etc.  For about a year I was Distribution manager for two operation here.  I found out I didn't care for that kind of work, so they were kind enough to take me back as a driver.  In 2003 I retired.  I look back and I did several things I am proud of.  It was 33 years associated with the same company, 23 of those years on wages.  Would I do things differently given the chance?  Some things maybe but all things considered I am happy with what I did and experienced.

A job is what you make of it.  Not happy educate yourself, learn a new skill.  Move on.  Dream big.  Don't limit yourself.

Take care.