Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Days

Hello all, been awhile since I wrote.  Things have been going well.  For Labor Day weekend our two girls were here.  I always enjoy having them home.  It had been sometime since Sandy was here, also to have both Sandy and Isabel here at the same time.  It was very nice.  We just hung out and talked and enjoyed each others company.  Made some food they enjoy.  I like to have them home, enjoy the attention they give me.  They get along really well with each other.  It is a pleasure to see that.  They are great daughters, Jo and I are very proud of them.  So much fun to be with.  I love them.  Looking forward to their next visit.

This past weekend my brother and sister came down from Dixon, CA  They came to the house on Friday along with my brother-in-law Lee.  We had a good visit.  We had invited Mary and Dewey to spend the night but Mary had already made plans withe Bettie to go shopping on Saturday so they had to decline.  On Monday Bettie, Lee, Dewey, Mary, Rick, Christina, and their baby Jameson.  What a cute baby.  Six months old, and so happy.  Lots of love in the family for that baby.  We had lunch here at home chicken from Juan Pollo.  Well received.  Mary and Bettie had brought a cake that Mary made.  Good cake.  I got a little teary when they left.  It was good to have them visit.

Today was a little like fall.  Cooler temps, good breeze.  Jo took advantge and plated some new plants.  Re-poted older older plants.  I watered some spots in the yard that had gotten a little dry.  Good day.

This weekend the 14th my high school class of 1958 is having a reunion in Dixon.  Fifty five years since I graduated high school.  Don't know if I  would go even if I was able.  But it is certainly a milestone.  My Senior year I had a 1957 Ford Ranchero, black, with a red interior.  One other guy had a 1958 Chevy.  So I had the second newest car in our class.  I will look for a picture and try and post it for throw back Thursday.

Take care, enjoy life.