Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 #14

Good day to all;
A couple of days ago I installed Windows 10 on my PC.  I was running Windows 7.  Still working my way through the new system, but everything seems to be working well.

Watched the debates last night.  It takes  a lot of guts to be up there and answer questions off the cuff.  I thought they all did well, some better than others.  What and awesome interview process.  Seventeen people are interested in the job.  Probably the only job you spend more money to get hired than you will earn.  But consider we have only had forty four in our two hundred and thirty nine year history.  What and honor.  What a responsibility.

As the final selection takes place, I hope we all give a great deal of thought to our choice.  We badly need to change the direction this country is going.

My thoughts on $15 per hour wage.  That's nice, but every job I ever had a raise meant they expected more  from you.  At the end of the day ask yourself "Did I make money for the company or did I just put in my time?"  If you made money for the company you did good.  If you just put in your time, start looking for another job.