Sunday, March 22, 2009


It has been a while since I have blogged. Thought of several things to write about but when I sat down at the computer, the urge was not there.

On March 14th L drove up from SD, she was going to reading by a friend in Tarazana. I went with her. We drove the SSR. Black Beauty needed to get out and run. The weather was nice enough but not top down nice.

The reading was good, they even had and open mike and L read a couple of her works. I have heard L read many times but I am still surprised and pleased each time. She truly has a way with words. She was surprised to see two singers there she had just met and saw perform in SD earlier that week. L was a little star struck, but handled things well. They seemed to enjoy her reading. It was a pleasant afternoon for me. Spending one on one time with L is always a good experience for me. Just a proud as punch Dad.

I got to thinking about words. Individual letters that we assemble into words. We assign meaning to these words. Take the letter C, add A, and T. Put them close together they spell CAT. Now who came first, the animal we call a CAT or the letters we put together to identify this animal. Perhaps in the mind of a CAT, they refer to themselves as "one who walks quietly".

Words are a wondrous gift. A song writer can tell a story that will leave you deep in thought. Dancing with joy. Crying with sorrow. A poet will take you on journey you may never imagined. Sitting in your living room a writer can make you want to put on a coat. Check the locks on the doors. Jump at the slightest noise. See the landscape. Feel the summer heat. The anguish and fear, the sexual tension between to lovers.

When we read words our mind unravels them and re-assembles them into thoughts. These thoughts allow us to understand, feel the meaning, and descriptions conveyed by the words. We enjoy what the words bring to us. Every where you turn there are words collected together. How is it possible that man has created so many words using only twenty six letters.(English) I heard recently that during the Dark Ages there was a Monk who had one of the largest book collections at the time. How many books did he have? Two Hundred and Fifty!!! It seems during those times it was acceptable to have sanctioned book burnings. Plus almost everyone was illiterate. The written word. A very powerful addition to mankind. My grasp of history does not allow me to thank the person who brought words to us.

Spoken word. There is a whole new ball game. You use the written word. But with the addition of the voice and all of the capabilities there in, inflection, anger, sorrow, etc. you can play and play.

I once thought a person was given only so many words to use in a lifetime. Now I know they are recyclable. There are words I have never used or even heard. I can use the same words over and over. They don't wear out. They don't lose their meaning. Words are valuable.

Use them wisely.
Take care, love to all.