Monday, November 24, 2014

#30 2014

Did you ever own a vehicle you just loved?  I have.  When I first saw the TV add for the Chevrolet SSR, I was hooked.  It just took me back in my memories to a wonderful time. The styling was plain but very cool.  The SSR was a pickup truck with a retractable hard top.  Way cool.  The 5.3 V8, modern running gear added to the cool factor.  They were first built in 2003, The last one in 2006 I think.  Total production about 24,000.

In February 2007 I was able to buy a 2004 model, with about 5000 miles on the odometer.  With the generous support of my wife one of my dreams came true.  You might say it is only a car.  To me it was much more.  I enjoyed driving this vehicle on long trips.  Short trips down the coast with the top down, with my wife.  Several trips to UT, one with my Grandson riding shotgun.  Yes I enjoyed this SSR very much.  One trip solo trip to UT, just outside of Las Vegas on I-15 North.  I opened it up. At 120 mph the computer limited the gas so that was top end, but there were still plenty of rpm's left before red line.  It held the road like it was on rails, true and solid.

After 7 years with this SSR I decided to sell the vehicle and let some one else have the joy of ownership I had.  I will miss her but I have my memories.

Take care, be kind, and respectful to your fellow human.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

#29 2014

Thanksgiving is almost here.  I have many things to be thankful for.  My family is foremost, my health (thought I need some help with that), and my country.  There is war going on some where most of the time.  Religion in the Middle East.  Factions of the same religion fighting each other for control.  This just didn't start lately, it has been going on since the Middle Ages.  How sad.

Sunday and Monday are my weekend.  Sunday I go to the grocery store and buy most of what we will need for the week.  Monday is what I call a free day, however this Monday I have several errands to take care of.  The bank we use sold the branch banks to another local bank.  Nov. 9 was the change over.  So I need to do some things to be able to order some checks which will work with my computer(we have tyred twice but need more documentation).  So most of my day is taken up with these errands.

Take care, be kind and thoughtful of others.

Monday, November 3, 2014

#28 2014

Beautiful day here.  The rain overver the week end just cleaned the air so well.  Maybe I will take a drive in the SSR with the top down.  Might be fun.  Thankful for the choice.  I say life is full of choices.  Sometimes you make good one's, sometimes bad.  But they are there.  I have made some poor choices. I like to believe more good ones than bad.  I once had a business that each day seemed to bring more problems.  I had a conversation with myself (have you?) and made the decision that it did no good to worry.  What was going to happen would happen.  I needed to be attentive and pro active to prevent things from happening.  But if something went wrong just to deal with the problem.  We come into this world not knowing our parents.  Depending on them to guide and care for us.  The parents don't know what they are getting.  I am sure they are hoping for a wonderful loving healthy baby.  But no guarantee .  No returns.  You get what you got.  Some cope others are unable.  Same with the child.  Choices are made by each individual.  Now you throw in life and accidents, misfortune, Mother Nature.  How do we as humans deal with all this?  Some turn to Faith, others seek out other means.  Drugs, etc.   The term"common sense"seems to mean little to some people.  Life is full of compilations.  How as mear humans do you handle life?  How do we know if we are "happy"?  Is life like a book, where the turn of the page to read what is happening?  Is life to hard for humans to understand?

When I go to bed at night I say a little prayer for my closest loved ones.  Then I say if the next day is dialysis day or a fee day.  I tell myself what time I need to be up, what I will have for breakfast.  When I wake up the next morning I am already ahead of the game.  Maybe life is a game we learn as we go.  We don't know when it will end or what the score will be.  All we can do is play as hard as we can and try to make good choices.