Friday, May 30, 2014

#17 2014

Coming around to June 1 in a day or two.  Haven't been doing very much since my last post.  Got involved in a project on Wednesday.  Our tomatoes are getting rip but something is eating them before we can pick them.  Jo's research  has led her to believe it is birds.  So we decided to cover the plants with bird netting.  I am building a frame to drape the netting over and still allow us to pick the fruit (maybe a vegetable).  I hope to finish the project tomorrow.  I am sure there will be a picture on face book.

Tonight is one of those nights when it is hard to fall asleep.  They took out almost 8 pounds at the center today.  That's quite a lot.  I watched the basket ball game after it was over I was really tired.  Layed down for a while but didn't rest much.  Thought writing a little would help me relax.

Take care.