Monday, December 1, 2014

#31 2014

December 1, 2014.  My how time (as we measure  it) rolls along.  How did pre-historic man keep track.  Mostly light and dark.  Who started calling the light daytime and the dark night?  When they were to meet some one "How did they set a time?".  Have we improved or just became a slave to our concept of time?  Image you were here on earth during the age of the caveman.  Did your job require you to know about time?  The problem of staying alive was probably more important.  When you found there was fire were you very happy?  As you learned to make fire were you looked up to?  When you and your buddies were out hunting and you came upon some other hunters, not from your group "Why did you fight them?".  Why couldn't you sit down and share a few moments of brotherhood?

From the time we are born we have to be taught to share and accept other people, and respect them as humans.  Unfortunately this lesson is lost on some humans.  Maybe more on some "Leaders" than on the average human.  As we come to this day in December and a star was seen and Jesus was born and time started to be counted differently.  BC / AD  Did this man the Son of God change the world so much?  Many say yes.  Many do not believe and chose to follow their God.

So here we are in 2014 AD still fighting.  What does this say about humans?

Take care, love some one.  Respect those who hate you, forgive them for not learning how to be a human when they were born.

Monday, November 24, 2014

#30 2014

Did you ever own a vehicle you just loved?  I have.  When I first saw the TV add for the Chevrolet SSR, I was hooked.  It just took me back in my memories to a wonderful time. The styling was plain but very cool.  The SSR was a pickup truck with a retractable hard top.  Way cool.  The 5.3 V8, modern running gear added to the cool factor.  They were first built in 2003, The last one in 2006 I think.  Total production about 24,000.

In February 2007 I was able to buy a 2004 model, with about 5000 miles on the odometer.  With the generous support of my wife one of my dreams came true.  You might say it is only a car.  To me it was much more.  I enjoyed driving this vehicle on long trips.  Short trips down the coast with the top down, with my wife.  Several trips to UT, one with my Grandson riding shotgun.  Yes I enjoyed this SSR very much.  One trip solo trip to UT, just outside of Las Vegas on I-15 North.  I opened it up. At 120 mph the computer limited the gas so that was top end, but there were still plenty of rpm's left before red line.  It held the road like it was on rails, true and solid.

After 7 years with this SSR I decided to sell the vehicle and let some one else have the joy of ownership I had.  I will miss her but I have my memories.

Take care, be kind, and respectful to your fellow human.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

#29 2014

Thanksgiving is almost here.  I have many things to be thankful for.  My family is foremost, my health (thought I need some help with that), and my country.  There is war going on some where most of the time.  Religion in the Middle East.  Factions of the same religion fighting each other for control.  This just didn't start lately, it has been going on since the Middle Ages.  How sad.

Sunday and Monday are my weekend.  Sunday I go to the grocery store and buy most of what we will need for the week.  Monday is what I call a free day, however this Monday I have several errands to take care of.  The bank we use sold the branch banks to another local bank.  Nov. 9 was the change over.  So I need to do some things to be able to order some checks which will work with my computer(we have tyred twice but need more documentation).  So most of my day is taken up with these errands.

Take care, be kind and thoughtful of others.

Monday, November 3, 2014

#28 2014

Beautiful day here.  The rain overver the week end just cleaned the air so well.  Maybe I will take a drive in the SSR with the top down.  Might be fun.  Thankful for the choice.  I say life is full of choices.  Sometimes you make good one's, sometimes bad.  But they are there.  I have made some poor choices. I like to believe more good ones than bad.  I once had a business that each day seemed to bring more problems.  I had a conversation with myself (have you?) and made the decision that it did no good to worry.  What was going to happen would happen.  I needed to be attentive and pro active to prevent things from happening.  But if something went wrong just to deal with the problem.  We come into this world not knowing our parents.  Depending on them to guide and care for us.  The parents don't know what they are getting.  I am sure they are hoping for a wonderful loving healthy baby.  But no guarantee .  No returns.  You get what you got.  Some cope others are unable.  Same with the child.  Choices are made by each individual.  Now you throw in life and accidents, misfortune, Mother Nature.  How do we as humans deal with all this?  Some turn to Faith, others seek out other means.  Drugs, etc.   The term"common sense"seems to mean little to some people.  Life is full of compilations.  How as mear humans do you handle life?  How do we know if we are "happy"?  Is life like a book, where the turn of the page to read what is happening?  Is life to hard for humans to understand?

When I go to bed at night I say a little prayer for my closest loved ones.  Then I say if the next day is dialysis day or a fee day.  I tell myself what time I need to be up, what I will have for breakfast.  When I wake up the next morning I am already ahead of the game.  Maybe life is a game we learn as we go.  We don't know when it will end or what the score will be.  All we can do is play as hard as we can and try to make good choices.


Friday, October 17, 2014

#27 2014

Having some new carpet and vinyl flooring today.  This requires all the rooms (living room, dining room) to be empty.  You don't realize haw much stuff there is to move.  The flooring guys moved the furniture but it was necessary to empty the shelves.  Now the kitchen is full of things from the dining room.  The patio is full of things from the living room and dining room.  Just a path way to the side door to get outside.  Some what of a hassle.  But should be worth this little in convince when all is done.

How about those Giants?  Great games.  They say they win ugly, but they win by teamwork and determination.  Their closing pitcher has a poker face.  Rarely does he shake off a pitch called for by the catcher.  He is one tough dude.  Here's to them going all the way in the World Series.  Go GIANTS!!!!!!

The Utah Jazz are undefeated in the pre-season.  Work hard guys, make the play offs this year.

Not much else going on here.  Take care.  Be kind to your fellow human.

Friday, October 10, 2014

#26 2014

So many things going on in the world.  With the internet we are in and instant news world.  If somebody sneezes in any part of the world we know about it right away.  Whatever happens any where in the world, it affects us. (USA)Every one and his brother has and opinion on things.  In the "old days" we might not hear about and event for a few days.  Now it gets posted, blogged about and discussed for a nano second, then there is something new.  This is the time for real leadership in this country and the world.

When I was younger there were many things I wanted to accomplish.  As I got older I began to realize what I could actually do.  As time went on I found what I enjoyed and could be effective doing.  Some times you have to go through several stages to find your peace of mind.  I once heard about a man who was feeling sorry for himself.  All he had to eat was fruit from dumpster's, then he looked back and there was a man eating what he wouldn't eat.  Look at yourself.  Be a better person.  Find something in your life that brings you contentment.  Enlarge that.  Be thankful you are alive.  Embrace being on this earth.  Your time here is what you make of it.  Your burden in life can be heavy or light.  That is a choice you can make.

Good night.

Friday, September 12, 2014

#25 2014

There has been some thoughts shared recently among our blogs about jobs.  Over the years I have had a few.  Some lasted only a short time.  Summer work during my school years.  Construction work after high school, and so on.  I suppose the first one I had to study for and get a license was to sell cars.  This was in 1967.  I sold cars for a Ford sealer for about 4 months or so.  Not what I wanted to do for very long.  Was I good at the job?  I sold five or six cars and not all to family or friends.  Most of the time between 1965 and 1980 I was self employed in farming.  Doing custom farming or farming rented ground.  I think it was 1970 I moved from CA to ID to do custom fertilizer application for a large company.  I applied NH3 using a tractor and a plow.  Also during this time I acquired some haying equipment, and cut hay for farmers.  I expanded into trucks using them to apply dry fertilizer to farmers fields, this was with the large fertilizer company.  In 1980 some things happened in the family that required me to sell the equipment and go to work for and hourly wage.  This was also for the large fertilizer company.  This time I was driving a truck picking up chemicals and delivering them to various locations.  Over about 5 states with a base in ID.  Also at this time I managed a warehouse where I received and shipped chemicals from.  In 1985 I moved to SoCal to work in the industrial chemical side for the same company.  I had various jobs there, manufacturing, truck driving, etc.  For about a year I was Distribution manager for two operation here.  I found out I didn't care for that kind of work, so they were kind enough to take me back as a driver.  In 2003 I retired.  I look back and I did several things I am proud of.  It was 33 years associated with the same company, 23 of those years on wages.  Would I do things differently given the chance?  Some things maybe but all things considered I am happy with what I did and experienced.

A job is what you make of it.  Not happy educate yourself, learn a new skill.  Move on.  Dream big.  Don't limit yourself.

Take care.

Monday, August 11, 2014

#24 2014

This past week we have had our grandson with us.  Such a wonderful young man.  He is so nice and good to be around.  If you can't tell I am just overflowing with pride.  Then on Friday his Mom came in.  Happy to see her.  They went to a concert at the Rose Bowl on Friday night.  Friday afternoon my Brother and Sister from Dixon, CA arrived.  Along with y Sister and her husband from Burbank.  We had a good visit, then they went back to Burbank.  Friday night our daughter from SD arrived.  The rest of the weekend was enjoyed very much.  Isabel didn't feel very well on Sunday.  Hope she feels better today.  This morning we took T and S to the Long Beach Airport to catch their flight home.  They needed to be there by 7am.  So it was a early day for me.  Some of the Burbank people said they would be back today.  Not sure what time.  I have had a good time this weekend, well the whole week with T here.  Happy and thankful to have such a wonderful family.

Take care, be kind.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

#23 2014

Hello August.  The first six months of 2014 have come and gone.  What did you accomplish in that time period?  I didn't do anything special.  Just went about my daily life.  My family is well.  A good friend had a fall toward the end of July.  He is in the hospital, we are praying for his recovery.

Our grandson is here for a week.  Enjoying his company.  He is quite a young man.  Very proud of him.  There a couple of things we plan on doing, but mostly just to be with him.

Wishing all a pleasant and happy August.  Take care.

Friday, July 18, 2014

#22 2014

Here I am sitting before my keyboard wondering what words will appear on this page.  I feel the need to write to share some thoughts.  I woke up and looked out my window at the fountain.  There were two humming birds taking a bath.  Lovely little creatures.  Very pleasant way to start the day.  

The other day at the center, which has about thirty chairs or so, I was thinking about the story each one of us has.  We are all there for treatment of our condition.  What did they do?  How has their condition affected their family?  Each one of us has a story but do we want to share that story with a stranger?  The nurses are all very busy and efficient .  Pleasant and caring people.  Do they get depressed dealing with people like us?  It is easier to just settle back in my chair and watch TV.  Most days I have a good experience  at the center.  I am treated with respect, and the nurses are always checking to see if I am alright.  I am thankful for the service and treatment they provide.  

Summer time is vacation time.  Here lately I have had the desire to get on the road.  Don't know if or when this will happen, but a little dreaming is good.  Our neighbor traded in his motor home for a bigger one.  Now he and his wife are gone for a month to Northern Cal by Lake Shasta.  They have a small cabin there and with the motor home next to the cabin they are good.  There are other people there and they all get together and play cards and things.

Time for me to fix my breakfast and see what happened in the world last night.  Take care have a good and productive day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#21 2014

Here we are half way thru 2014.  How has the first half been for you?  So far the year has been good for me.  My birthday in April was very enjoyable.  Had family here, wouldn't you know I was the oldest of the group.  Health wise I am doing fine.  At the center the nurses say I am looking good and doing well.  I kinda look at it as my part time job.  Three days a week, for four and a half hours each.  In reality it is what keeps me alive.  Small price to pay to keep on living.  Our garden has done well.  I enjoy being able to sit out side and watch the birds as they bath in the fountain.  Simple things that make life enjoyable.  Quiet time with my daughters when they are here.  The wife and I are in a good place.   We respect and love each other.

The second half of 2014 will be as good I hope.

Just looking at my keyboard and I have no idea what the keys on the top row can do.  When I was taking typing class in high school, it was a manual type writer.  I think there was one electric.  White out was sold by the case.  Copies required carbon paper(kids today won't know what carbon paper does).  My 6th grade teacher told us there would some day be a vehicle that would take man into space and back and be like a glider.  What you say???  Amazing thing have been invented.  A machine that harvests tomatoes with only two or three people, and electric eye does most of the work.  I grew up with hand picking the tomatoes with a crew of 40 people.  I didn't pick tomatoes myself but was involved in running the crew.  Farming has changed a lot since then.  My mind has wondered down memory lane.  Now on the computer is so much easier.

Wishing all a very happy and enjoyable 2nd half of 2014.  Take care.

Monday, June 16, 2014

#20 2014

A trip to New York City.  I had finished basic training at Fort Or, CA been home on leave for a while.  My orders were to report to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland for my 2nd eight weeks of training.  I had enlisted on the buddy plan with Larry McMillan, a friend and Dixon High classmate.  We boarded a plane Sacramento(my first plane ride)I don't remember where we landed, but we got to Aberdeen and reported on time.  I was to be trained as a metal body repairman.  Larry as mechanic the first time for us to be back east.  The humidity was something we were not accustomed too.  It took some time to adjust.  Trees all around not open country like out west.  After a while we decided to go to New York.  I had a cousin living on Long Island(I think)I wrote her and asked about coming to see her.  She was married.  We took a train into NY to the Grand Central Station.  Walked out side and craned our necks to look at the skyscrapers.  All the time nervous about pickpockets etc.  Then back into the station to get a train to the town close to where they lived.  I don't remember the name of the town.  She and her husband were there to meet us.  We went to their house and talked for a while.  Then we went to and ice cream polar.  This store had some fanatic's creations.  the one I had was very good.  Back to their house were we spent the night.  Next day back to the station for a train to the city.  Then back to base.  For a small town country boy it was a big experience.

Aberdeen Proving Grounds had a weapons development area.  They would test some of them at night.  I was awakened many times by the sound of gun fire.  There was this one weapon that fired many times for about a minute or two.  Like a Gatling gun but much larger shells.  Really sounded wicked.

There were also woodchucks all over the place, living under the barracks.  As big as a medium sized dog.

Funny how things come back in memory.  I can just picture some of those times in my mind.  Part of the makeup of my life.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

#19 2014

This is about my Dad.  To honor him on Father's Day.  Daddy was a kind and caring man, in his later years he was a born again Christian.  I remember him telling me about coming to Christ.  He shook my hand and was very excited.  At the time I was well ok but  many years later I realized how much that meant to him.  I am sad that I did not appreciate the moment with him as much as I should have.  He was active in the First Southern Baptist Church of Dixon.  He was choir director and a Deacon of the Church.  I did not share his love of the Lord.  Several years later when I went into the Army and was stationed in Germany.  I began to read the Bible he gave  me and became a believer.  I have never been a devout church goer, but I do believe in God.  I am grateful my Dad was a believer, it gave him much peace and joy in his life.

A couple of years ago one of my nephews asked me "What was Grandpa like?".  He said he had been kinda afraid of him when he was younger.  Him and his parents lived in another state for several years so he wasn't around Daddy that much.  I could not find the words to ease his feelings about Daddy.

He worked and us kids knew about what time he would be home.  We would hear the car and drop what we were doing to go see Daddy.  Always a kind word and happy to see us.  He was a nice man and I learned a lot from him over the years.  As a teenager I would work summers with him on construction jobs when possible.  Not being paid but just to help him and to ease his day.  It was also a learning experience for me.

Saturday was shopping day for groceries and things.  Saturday night was movie night at the local movie house.  A western with Roy Rogers or a Tarzan film.  No popcorn but maybe a candy bar.  Daddy was my rock.  I could count on him.  Daddy never drank or smoked.  I respected that.  Later as a teenager I learned to play a few cords on the guitar.  Daddy had friends and cousins, who played and sang.  We would go to some one's house and play music for two or three hours.  Old country songs, Bob Wills and old gospel songs by the Blackwood brothers.  Some of the guys picked a mean guitar.  Me I just watched and corded along.  I felt really good after those sessions.  I never sang with the group.  I did my singing at home alone.

Daddy raised me right.  He was a great Dad.  I miss him a lot.  So thank you Dad for all you did for me I wish I had shown more appreciation for him when he was still alive.  The last time I saw him alive we were heading back to Idaho.  We said our goodbyes in his driveway.  I said "Goodbye Pop I love you".  I had never called him Pop before.  It just seemed right at the time.

Friday, June 6, 2014

#18 2014

Saturday June 7, 2014 is the Belmont Stakes horse race.  Fifty two years ago I was in New York and thinking about going to the race.  Why was I there you ask?  I was in the Army and on my way to Fort Dix, NJ to be deployed to Germany for a couple of years.  I had boarded a plane in Sacramento, CA flown to New York.  At the airport I got a cab to take me to a Hotel.  I was in uniform (class A) the cabbie was very talkative .  He turned the meter off and drove me around Central Park and even stopped by his house.  Then took me to a Hotel which was not far from the race track.  The next day I debated with myself about going to see the race.  I had been stationed at Fort Ord in CA where I had became acquainted with a fellow from New York who was into horse racing.  He name was Harry Leo.  I had a car so along with Harry and  a couple of other guys we would go to the Bay Meadows horse track.  This track was located close to San Francisco.  After a day at he track (Saturday) we would go to SF and Harry would take us to places in China Town to eat.  Harry had a expensive camera he would pawn to have extra money for the track, he was always able to get his camera out of pawn.  I must say I had more winning days than losing days at the track.  I would really get into the races.  On base a kid came around selling newspapers.  I would buy a paper and go right to the racing section.  I kept a file on the horses so that when we went to the track I knew what was going on.  It was a real thrill to see and hear the horses coming out of the last turn heading into the stretch and too have a bet on one of the horses heading to the finish line.  The most I ever won was about two or three hundred.  That was quite a good amount back then on a PFC pay.  We had some good times.  Drank a little but stayed out of trouble.  Back to New York.  On Saturday race day I couldn't make up my mind to go or not.  It wound up I didn't go, I think I watched it on T in the room.  The winner was Jaipur withe Bill Shoemaker up. (I looked that up on yahoo)

Got a taxi  to Fort Dix the next day.  Reported in as required and spent a week or so getting ready to board a troop ship for Germany.  Perhaps another story.
Take care.
Pappy 1

Friday, May 30, 2014

#17 2014

Coming around to June 1 in a day or two.  Haven't been doing very much since my last post.  Got involved in a project on Wednesday.  Our tomatoes are getting rip but something is eating them before we can pick them.  Jo's research  has led her to believe it is birds.  So we decided to cover the plants with bird netting.  I am building a frame to drape the netting over and still allow us to pick the fruit (maybe a vegetable).  I hope to finish the project tomorrow.  I am sure there will be a picture on face book.

Tonight is one of those nights when it is hard to fall asleep.  They took out almost 8 pounds at the center today.  That's quite a lot.  I watched the basket ball game after it was over I was really tired.  Layed down for a while but didn't rest much.  Thought writing a little would help me relax.

Take care.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#16 2014

April 30, 2014

Very techie today.  Got a google laptop for my b-day from my lovely wife.  Been playing around try to learn how it works.  So then I got my old laptop and began to clean out some of the things on the hard drive.  Needless to say it was behind on several updates.  It runs Windows Vista(does that mean it has a great view?) and I found it rather slow.  Then I started looking to change some things on my desktop.  It was at this point that I realized I don't know much about computers.  I know just enough not to get myself in trouble.  (Speeling is not a subject, that's why you have spell check.)

April was a busy month.  Mia arrived early in the month, it had been three years since she was here last.  Jo and Mia talked like they had seen each other a day or so ago.  I enjoy Mia's visits. She is so cheerful and happy.  Good cook too!!!!!!   We had a very relaxed and easy time.  Easter Sunday my family come over from Burbank and Dixon. Sandy and Tristan from UT, Isabel and Jeff from SD.  Mia cooked her wonderful Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, carrots.  Very, very good.  My brother's b-day is in May so we shared a b-day cake.  The girls got me a cast iron dutch oven.  I had been wanting one for some time just didn't let myself buy it. Rick and Christina are very proud parents and they should be.  David come and it was good to see him.  Bettie and Lee have have good family.  They were a big help to me when I first moved here, before Jo and the girls moved.  The day was a good day.

Take care.


Monday, March 10, 2014

#15 2014

The weekend was good.  Got and insect bite of some kind on my right calf, got sore and red.  Still red but somewhat better.  Weather has been warm almost hot.

Jo planted some strawberry's today in a hanging strawberry container.  Maybe the bugs won't eat the berry's but the birds might.  Our yard is looking very good.  The rose's in the front yard are blooming.  They look good.

Maybe we will get some corn plants put in by the pineapple sage.  Be nice to have some home grown sweet corn.

Glad T is expanding his food horizon's.

Things are normal here, just going about daily living.

Take care, love to all.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#15 2014

A very good rain we had last week.  Still below the normal rainfall but it helped a lot.  Our raining season ends  last of March.  This weekend the forecast is temps in 80's.

Saw a movie today on TV called "Wooly Boys" liked it a lot.

The solar battery charger seems to be doing the job.  Been about 10 days since I started the ssr and it fired right off.

Our patio swing needs a new top cover.  The problem is we can not find a replacement cover.  To remove the top frame and have one made is and option but maybe more expensive than a new swing.  We will need to check into this and make a descion soon.  It is pleasant to sit in the swing and enjoy the garden and the birds.

We are well and looking forward to a visit from Mia.

Take care.

Friday, February 28, 2014

#14 2014

A rainy weekend in SoCal.  Mud slides in the burn areas, river rescues, Sig Alerts on the freeways.  It seems rain is so rare here people don't know how to act.  Of coarse all the TV stations are on storm alert.  We are on the down slope of the mountains, where does the water flow?  To the sea, to the sea people.  Now the people who live on the ocean front in low lying places have to deal with high tide and storm surge.  Kinda like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

I was given a form to fill out from the Center on Tuesday.  It was about quality of life.  As I read the questions it made me think how I was feeling.  I am not very good at sharing my feelings or thinking to much about them.  Some of the questions caused me to search my heart before I could answer.  Given the medical problems I have and the treatments I am taking, I have decided my quality of life is good.

Have a good night, love to all.

Friday, February 21, 2014

#13 2014

Hello all,
This week marked a milestone for me.  Jo and I had our 49th wedding anniversary.  Thinking back to when I first met her and how we seemed to get along from the start.  We both took a chance that it would work.  We have had our ups and downs over the years, but some how it has worked out.  I can't say how but loving each other, and respecting each other will go a long way.  Two wonderful children who we love and care so much about.  All in all it has been a great trip through life.  How would my life have been other wise?  I simply can't image.

Thank you Sandy for the nice card.  I thought you expressed yourself very well.

Nice day here, I may go to Costco later and do a little shopping.  Don't really need anything but feel like I want to get out and around.

Have a good day, smile and tell someone they look great.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

#12 2014

Garlic mayo, ribeye steak grilled with boiled red spuds.  That's what we had for dinner.  Also some brownies.  It has been a very relaxing day here on the homestead, Isabel is here for the weekend.  Good to have her company.  Lulu is very happy when Isabel comes to visit.  I enjoy just spending time with Isabel.  We don't try to solve the worlds problems, it just a natural flow of conversation.  Quiet time mixed in, just very pleasant.

Not much going on tonight.  Watched some of the "Games".  The ISA is having a tough time on the ski slopes.  They are trying hard but luck is not on their side.  Saw some bobsledding.  USA hanging in there, maybe they will win a medal.

Have a good night.  Be happy.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#11 2014

Lovely day here, almost 80' F.  Is it summer?  Maybe time to plant some garden things.  I think I will have the gardeners till the garden patch Friday.  Also put some fertilizer on the lawn.

Next week we will have our 49th wedding anniversary.  We have selected a place to have a late lunch.  It has always been a good place to eat.  We don't go there very often but it is a very peaceful and we enjoy the experience.

I started the ssr today and it fired off just fine.  The solar battery charger seems to be working.  It had been about a week since I last started the vehicle.  Sometimes I think I should sell the ssr, but then I get in and I like it to much to let it go.  I wanted one for such a long time.  Makes me happy to have it. (maybe that's my happy place)

The Jazz beat the Lakers in LA, that made me say yahoo.

I can delete some email about things being shipped.  The last couple of items were delivered today.  If I holding 6 or 7 emails I get nervous.  Just kinda freaky of me but that's how I roll.  Makes me feel good to get that little message "sure is neat in here".

If you only wash your car to try and sell it, you might be a redneck.

Have a good evening, be kind to the one's you love.

Monday, February 10, 2014

#10 2014

He said let there be light and there was light.  Just recently received a hanging pendant lamp to put over my desk.  Now I can see the keyboard very well.  As flexible as Jo and I are it was not and easy install.  But it works great.

Our tax man come to our house today to prepare the 2013 tax returns.  In about 1954 I remember my Dad telling my mother they made $5000 that year.  Now for 2013 that's how much we have to pay the IRS.  85% of our social security income is taxed.  We paid taxes on that money when we earned it, now we have to pay more taxes on that money.  Don't seem right to me.  I get grumpy around tax time every year.

Should have a happy place to go too.

Northern CA is getting some rain and snow.  Much needed.  Saw and interview on Saturday about the drought in CA.  There is a little fish in the delta called the Delta Smelt.  They tend to get caught up in the pumping plants which pumps water to the central valley and SoCal.  To save the little critters they have turned off the pumps and are sending 800000 acre feet of water into San Fran Bay and on to the ocean.  So when you have to pay $5 for a head of lettuce remember the Delta Smelt is enjoying his life thanks to you.

Valentines day is Friday.  What are you going to do?  Get a Hallmark card?  Is this a real day or just a made up day for commerce?  Flowers, candy, teddy bears, and God knows what else.

Have to give a shout out to Mia.  She is planning a trip to here.  Be great  to see her again and have her company.

Take care all, hug some one.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#9 2014

Lovely day here in SoCal, seems like spring.  Rain is forecast for Friday, but they say only about a quarter inch.  Any amount will help.  It has been foggy here the last two mornings, burning off by 9 am or so.

Really not much going on.  So this will be very short.

Take care.

Monday, January 27, 2014

#8 2014

I watched some of the Gramys.  The Willie and Chris part.  They are getting old and the voice shows it.  Blake I think was so honored to be a part of the group(he is a fan)that he was only trying to help.  Merle is happy to still be alive.  Country music is different now than when I was a kid.  But you got to love them for still trying.

Went grocery shopping Sunday in the ssr.  Nice to get out a little in such a vehicle.  Love that car.

Sunday was a total hang out at home day.  Today after breakfast I started cooking a pork butt.  Put it in the oven about 9:30am at 350' for one hour then lowered to 280' till about 5pm.  Jo got grip on the bone and it came right out.  That's done baby.  Let it cook some more with the cover off the pan to crisp up the top fat.  It tasted real good for dinner.  The roast was 7 lbs. so we will have pork butt for awhile.

Rained a little Sunday night, not much but some.  We sure could use some good gentle rains.

Have a good week, hug someone you love.  Tell them how important they are to you.

Take care.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

#7 2014

Missed a few days writing.  Not much has happened since my last post.  Wednesday was a total relax day.  I had planned to get the ssr smog checked and a few other things.  But when I woke up and had breakfast it just seemed like a nice day to relax.

Friday I got a hair cut Jo doesn't like it much to short she says, makes me look bald.  I like the feel of it and the easy care.  Then I took the ssr to get the smog check completed, it passed ya!  Next to Jiffy Lube for and oil change and a coolant flush and refill.  The ssr is 10 years old but still looks great.  The guy at Jiffy Lube said awesome  car.  Makes me happy when people admire the vehicle.  I agree nice car.
The rest of the day was cleaning out the household files and such.

Today is dialysis day then the weekend for me.  No real plans for Sunday but maybe if the surf is still high we will go have a look.  Monday is open.

Sandy is looking forward to a vacation some where it's warm and watery.  Good for you guys.  Mia is working on plans to come here in April, Isabel is planning on going to Austin in April.  Jo wants to have daycation.  Good for everyone.

Have a nice weekend.  Take care.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#6 2014

Easy day today.  Cleaned and polished the counter tops in the kitchen.  Re arranged some things on the counter.  Got hooked on the tv show "Klondike" last episode tonight.

Flan and his band are doing well.  Jeff is in the SF region for a couple of days.  One of the big shows is tomorrow night.  Flan will raise a lot of money for the Stow family.  God is good.

One of things that kinda bug me is the "entitlement funds" for the years I worked I paid into (also my employer) the social security system.  When the Medicare law was passed I also paid into that fund.  The promise was when I retired I would receive a monthly sum from social security based on a formula the government uses.  I still pay a monthly fee for Medicare and Part D prescription.  The funds were supposed to go into a lock box to be paid later.  Well they have taken that money and replaced it with IOU's.  So as us baby boomers retire the fund are paid from the general fund.  Because I have a pension from the Teamsters my social security is reduced.  I get enough to get by on and with my health problems and us paying monthly for private insurance through Jo's former employer and medicare the majority of my medical bills are paid.  I guess what I am trying to say is I paid into the system in good faith  and now I need  what was promised.

A little bit of a rant but it was something I need to get off my chest.

A Christmas gift I received from Isabel and Jeff was a redneck calendar by Jeff Foxwothry.  Today's quote was, The first thing you ever said to your wife was, "Are them real?"

Be kind and smile.

Monday, January 20, 2014

#5 2014

MLK Day, a true leader.

Weekend NFL.  One of my teams won (Denver) the other is still missing some parts(Niners).  Oh well go Denver.

Sandy your kitchen looks very good.  That pesky sign from the garden store is annoying, but informative.  Black curtains I would never thought they would work but they look good.  Tab tops are so easy to open and don"t get bunched up to bad.  I wanted to get new curtains for our kitchen but Jo said the ones we have are alright.

This week is my sisters birthday.  Wish her a happy day.

Had the SSR out today, got it washed.  Needed a smog test but the battery going down last week made the computer go down, so they told me to drive it a couple of days and come back.  Hope it works out.  The same thing happened the last time it was smoged, I was in a re-hab center and Norbert had to do the same.

Take care.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

#4 2014

Saturday is done, now I start my weekend.  Another summer like day.  Can't beat this weather, but we sure need some rain.  Our Honorable Gov has declared CA a drought zone.  Water restrictions and if you don't comply you are subject to a fine.  May have too turn the front and back yard into a dry landscape.  We will see what happens.  I wonder how deep the water table is here in LM?

A quiet evening at home not much on TV.  Took a couple of short naps since I have been home, low BP at the center today left me tired.  Jo fixed a good dinner and I am feeling better now.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping.  Haven't been for a couple of weeks.  I like to get out and slowly browse the ail es and see what new things are available.  Not that I buy them but it is a chance for me to still feel a little independent.  Bring home the bacon so to speak.

Sunday is a big football day.  Two of my favorite teams are playing for a spot in the Super Bowl.  Denver and San Fran.  Hope each comes away with a victory.

Game results tomorrow night.  Will I be happy or sad?

Friday, January 17, 2014

#3 2014

Summer time temp's here today.  Very warm  but very nice.  Went out to start the SSR the other day but the battery was dead.  I have a portable battery jumper pack, but it is hard for me to connect to the positive termal(the battery in in the rear of the vehicle under the bed) so Chev put some connections up front in the engine compartment.  But still the positive connection is in a small plastic box that has very little room.  So today Jo and I got the jumper system out and with her help we were able to get it started.  This weekend I am going to purchase a solar powered charger.  You place it on the dash and connect thru the lighter.  It is smiley to maintain a fully charged battery.  Hope it works.

Talked to Dewey today.  He met the people who want to buy the walnut orchard he takes care of.  They want him to manage and take care of the orchard for one or two years.  He told them he would do the job for one year, then see how he feels.  If OK he will do the second year.  He had been hoping he could get at least one more year.  Hope all works out for him.

Been such low humidity that my hand are dry and cracking.  I put lotion on several times a day but still.  Saw and add for some hand cream, if I can remember the name I will get some this weekend.

Did the Jazz draft a good player in Trey B. or what?  Go Jazz.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

#2 2014

Tonight is kinda warm.  Temp today 85' F.  And it is Jan. 16.  Our roses are starting to get new leaves.  It has been a pleasant day, a work day for me so to speak.  All went well.  Tomorrow is a free day.  Got a few bookkeeping things to do otherwise just enjoy the day.  A fire northeast of us is burning in the very dry brush close to homes.  Three early morning pot smokers got cold and built a fire which got out of control.  Burned down 2 homes the last I heard.  Still not contained.

Last nights Jazz game was real close at the end, but they could not pull it out.  They played well.

Starting to get our tax info ready, and figure things out.

Kinda tired so that's all I have for tonight.   Take care.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#1 2014

Been a while, Sept. 11 since my last post.  Things have been well.  Thanks giving was very good.  The biggest thing was my wife's surprise birthday party our daughters and I were able to do.  It was great and Jo was really surprises.  Had a great day.  Sandy and Isabel did all the planing and arrangements.  I worked on some food and such.  A B-day she will remember I am sure.  Love that woman.  Christmas was good had family here on Christmas Eve.  Sandy and her family were in ID but Isabel and Jeff were here, and we had a nice meal on Christmas Day.  Very thankful for all of His blessings.

What's going on now?  Happy to live in warm socal.  Picked the last of our fall tomatoes early this month.  Home grown's are so good.  Extended family doing OK.  Pictures from Sandy on the kitchen remodel look very good.  MT is doing a fine job.  MT has vision and will under take any project he feels he can do well. Way to go.

This Sunday the NFL should be fun.  Super Bowl picks for me.  Denver and San Fran.  Denver wins the game.

The Jazz are not doing so well this year but they are showing they have a lot of you talent.  So if they can hang in there they could be the spoiler down the streacth.  The Jazz fans are there with them and giving lots of support.

Well that's enough for this little ramble.