Monday, August 11, 2014

#24 2014

This past week we have had our grandson with us.  Such a wonderful young man.  He is so nice and good to be around.  If you can't tell I am just overflowing with pride.  Then on Friday his Mom came in.  Happy to see her.  They went to a concert at the Rose Bowl on Friday night.  Friday afternoon my Brother and Sister from Dixon, CA arrived.  Along with y Sister and her husband from Burbank.  We had a good visit, then they went back to Burbank.  Friday night our daughter from SD arrived.  The rest of the weekend was enjoyed very much.  Isabel didn't feel very well on Sunday.  Hope she feels better today.  This morning we took T and S to the Long Beach Airport to catch their flight home.  They needed to be there by 7am.  So it was a early day for me.  Some of the Burbank people said they would be back today.  Not sure what time.  I have had a good time this weekend, well the whole week with T here.  Happy and thankful to have such a wonderful family.

Take care, be kind.

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