Monday, June 29, 2015

2015 #8

My weekend is over.  What did I do you ask?   Sunday we invited a friend over for some grilled ribeye steaks.  I made potato salad, grilled fresh corn on the cob.  Oh yes garlic mayo.  We had a good time.  He and JP planted some tomatoes in those container you hand upside down.  I had not seen him for quite awhile, he looked good and was more like his old self.  Monday was a total kick back day.  In tthe evening JP and I sat outside on the swing and watched the hummingbird's play.  They were very active.  JP took some pictures of the little creatures.  They are a very interesting bird.

Greece is like a uncle that likes to party, but wants to use your money.  The Greek people are good but they sure elect a poor leader for their country.

Our neighbor got themselve's a Chevrolet Spark.  He will use it as a commuter vehicle.

Not very exciting but a pleasant weekend.


Friday, June 26, 2015

2015 #7

I have heard it said "It takes a village to raise a child".  My view  on this is no.  To raise a child you need a loving Mother and Father.  Children are born pure.  The environment they are brought up in has a strong influence.  A loving caring parenteral unit, caring and nurturing them are needed.  Many of today's parents came from broken home's, drug addiction, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc.  Are these good role models?  I think not.

Today's ruling on same sex marriage should settle the scene.  For those of us who have a more traditional view of marriage you can now leave us alone.  You have your view on the subject and I have mine.  Please  respect my rights Under the Constitution to have my own opinion.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 #6

As I was leaving the house this morning to do some errands, I was greeted by by a pleasant morning.  The street was quite, and rather nice looking.  I paused for a minute and thought about my uncle's on my Mother's side of the family.  They were all hard working and honest men.  As they got older and retired little changed in their life.  They didn't work any more, but they still went to the bar on Saturday.   I am talking about thee three single brother's who lived together.  Each had medical trouble at various times.  But they remained friends.  As some of their friends got older and needed a place to live, they fixed some of the out buildings up to be liveable space for them.  On winter days they would sit on a bench in the sunshine and talk.  There was never a lot of emotion showed.  Just a comfortable friendship.  No boasting or bragging.  Memories of the life they had lived.  I admired these men.  World War Two veterans, and one a Korean War vet.  They lived a quite unassuming life.  Providing for themselves not dependent on anyone.  When I was younger I worked along side each of them.  They taught me many things.  I can say we never had a cross word among us.  I never got money from them, but if I needed help on fixing a car or something they were there.  After I got married and moved to another state, I wasn't in touch with them as much.  Whenever I went back to see Mom and Daddy, I would always make a point to visit my Uncle's.  These were great men in my life.  I thank them for the love and caring they showed me.  They have all passed on now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 #5

June 10 was my Dad's Birthday.  Got to thinking about him today.  He is in my thoughts a lot and sometimes in my dreams.  He was a good Dad.  We didn't share a lot but we liked each other.  We did several projects around the house.  Raised chickens when I was in FFA.  I learned a lot from him.  He was a gentle man and his church meant a lot.  I wasn't into church at that time, still not but when I was stationed in West Germany I began to read the Bible he gave me.  I began to have faith.  Religion is a very complicated process.  You have to just accept the teachings in the Bible.  Nine people can read the same passage and come up with nine different meanings.  I just accepted what I read and believed in God.  I think that's what my Dad did.  He went to church on Sunday, sang in the choir, Bible study on Wednesday.  He had fellowship with other members of the church.  This gave him purpose and hope.  I respected my Dad very much.  He seldom used cuss words, didn't drink, smoke, or fool around.  He loved my Mother.  They had a hard time in the early years of the marriage.  Dad was a share cropper in OK and didn't have much money.  It was in the 1940's so he used horse and wagon to go to town and till the fields.  In 1946 we packed up and moved to Dixon, CA.  (not just us, there were 4 kids by this time, but his father in-law and a couple of brothers in-law)  He worked on a farm for a while, then got a job in construction.  Dad never got past the 6th grade.  But he made sure I studied and learned my lessons.  He was not shy about using his belt on me to keep my attention.  I can reminder those times still.  Thanks Dad.  As a kid growing up sometimes you don't appreciate your Dad.  As I get older my respect and appreciation grows for what he stood far and how he lived his life.

Happy Birthday Daddy. RIP


Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 #4

What a nba game tonight.  Overtime in the first two games.  All even at 1 to 1.  This may  be one of the most exciting finals in a while.  I am still picking Golden state in seven.

It has been a quiet and pleasant Sunday.  JP finally got a computer that works.  She has been catching up since she installed it this afternoon.

In other news our Grandson finished his Junior year with all A's.  Good job T.   When I have asked him why he doesn't have part time job, his reply has been "school is my job".  I never looked at school that way.  He is right.  Education will serve him better later on. 

Friday I will have the "blue light" done on my arms.  Pain pills before for sure.  

Looks like we are going to have some warm weather for the early part of the week, then back to more normal temps for a few days. 

Not much else happening here.  Hope you all had a pleasant weekend.  Take care. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 #3


Today has been kinda strange.  Went to wound care nurse, she brought the surgeon in that did work on me.  He looked at the area in question and said "my you must have been in bad shape for me to do that".  There is nothing more I can do.  You are a very sick man.  I got you three and half more years, maybe you will get some more.  Nice bedside manner doctor.  Thanks for the pep talk. 

It has kinda been bugging me all day.  I think I will put his opinion aside and go for the gold.  A happy fruitful life.  Loving my family and enjoying there love for me.   Yes I have health problems and I will do my best to deal with them.  But whatever time God gives me here I will enjoy myself.  I am blessed with a loving and caring wife, two wonderful daughters, a grandson, and siblings who love me.  A man tries to make his mark in life.  From my point of view I am doing that.

On a lighter note the nba finals start in a couple of days, the Giants are doing well and the final race of the triple crown is Saturday I think.

Wish all a great day, and much happiness.