Monday, December 12, 2016

#19 "Tis the season"

Greetings to all.  May this Holiday Season find you all Happy and Giving!!!!!!  As we approach this time of the year let us be thankful for all the good things that have happened in our lives.  Let us be grateful for understanding and being able to deal with the bad things in our life.  I have heard that we are never given more than we can deal with.  I like to think this is true.  At the time we may ask ourselves why me?  The answer is within ourselves.  We must arrive at the answer that will sooth our own mind. 

This Holiday will bring together some of my family that have not been together for a long while.  I am looking forward to having them here.  Some I have never met, some who I haven't seen in the flesh for a long time.  I am usually not to excited about this time of year.  This year however I feel excitement.  May we dance with joy and happiness.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

#18 Post election

With the election just over, there are many who are unhappy with the results.  Mostly those on the left.  When Obama won the election there were many on the right who were unhappy.  Their behavior was very different than what we are seeing now from the left.  It was accepted and we moved on.  Many of the laws and executive orders we did not agree with.  Court cases were filed and lawful actions were taken to remedy the situation.  I agree the left has a right to protest.  Blocking traffic, destroying property, and civil disobedience only tend to defeat the purpose.  As we transition through this change in leadership, be tolerant and understanding of your fellow American.  To many things are taken in 140 charters or less.  Look at platform positions, read the pro's and con's.  Educate your self on the issues.  Claims can be made without the facts. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

# 17 Elections

We had our presidential elections yesterday.  The votes were counted and a winner selected under the terms of our constitution.  This was our 45th president election.  This is how we transfer power from one person to the next.  In a peaceful and lawful way.  Now there are those who disagree with this process and the outcome.  Perhaps they do not understand how the system works.  Or could they be just sore losers?  The liberal left in this country is for diversity and under standing as long as you agree with their view point.  Heaven help you should you have a different view.  You are labeled and ridiculed with out mercy.  Grow up liberals.  You are not the answer to our country's problems, more like the cause of them.

Pappy 1

Friday, November 4, 2016

#16 When to leave the nest

For me this was not a problem.  I left when I enlisted in the US Army.  For our children it was for all practical purposes when they went to college.  It was hard for me when the youngest went away to SD.  The older one was already settled in ID.  I saw her often because I traveled thru the town.  The youngest was hard for me to leave her at the school.  Maybe because she was my baby girl.  But I think it was time.  She was only two hours away and we saw her often.  They still come and visit, call often.  Home is where Mom and Dad live.  But they each have their own home and we used to visit their homes regular.  Now that my health does not allow me to travel as freely, not as much.  Still look forward to their visits to Mom and Dad.

Moving away from home brings a considerable amount of responsibility.  Income to pay rent, food, clothes, entertainment and so on.  These things need to be addressed before you make the decision.  A plan needs to be thought out and many things considered.  You might think 'I will be able to do what I want".  Maybe so but not always.  Responsible choices, good planning, and a desire to succeed are also necessary.  If you do decide to move out, sit down with your parents and make a plan.  Outline who is paying for what.  Make the process as pleasant as possible.  Hard breakups between parents and children are never good. 

When you leave the nest you take on more responsibility.  Just because you leave home doesn't mean they are through with you.  You will still need their love and support.  They will need your love and support.  A family together is a strong family.

As I have always told you choose wisely.


Friday, September 16, 2016

#15 Misc.

Trouble falling to sleep tonight.  Random thoughts running through my mind.  Enjoy reading blogs from RedRed Hot Head, Meeting Grace, and KinderWorld.  They are recalling a trip they took together a year ago.  A trip to Barcelona, Spain.  They have a memory they can share.  Reading about the things they did, and saw.  I can share this trip with them.  I am happy they had this time together. 

Good night.  Pleasant dreams.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#14 My incounter with automation

Today I had some checks to deposit.  The bank I use closed the one close to us.  They opened a new branch in a mini-mall not very fare away.  I had not been to the new location since it opened.  I pulled parked and checked out the ATM.  There was a slot for check deposit.  I inserted my  my card and flowed the instructions on the screen.  Slid the checks into the slot, photo copied each check (4) and printed them on my receipt.  WOW!!!!!  That machine was slick.  Very pleased.

I was at my computer the other day and felt someone put their arms around me and gave me a hug.  But there was no one around.  I was puzzled.  Later I read a comment from my last post, S had sent me a virtual hug.  Thanks I felt the hug.

Take care, tell some one you love "love you".

Sunday, September 4, 2016

# 13 Fall just around the corner

This morning there was a hint of Fall in the air.  Here in SoCal we don't really have seasons.  Winter and summer.  But every once in a while there will be just a small hint of the change in seasons.  Fall is very appealing.  Hot summer days are gone.  Milder temps make it more fun to be out side.  Prime TV returns.  Football season gets underway.  Should be interesting in the AFC West this year. 

How has your summer treated you?  I have had a good summer.  Trip to SD to see L's house before she moved.    Trip to UT to watch T;s graduation from High school.  Visit here from T.  ST and L come up for the weekend. (ST was visiting L in SD in her new apartment.)  JP and I have been out to lunch several times tis summer,  My Brother and Sister's are well. 

I hope you all have had a pleasant summer.

Take care and hug someone you love.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

#12 Welcome visit from T

T arrived Thursday evening.  We picked him up at the LB Airport.  Good to see him, he was a little tired from work, partying, and traveling.  A quick stop at our local In & Out Burger emporium perked him up some.  Home and some small talk then he went to bed.  Rather early for him.  He is quite grown up now, although I saw him in June at his HS graduation.  He seems older.  Friday we went to Panda Inn for lunch.  It was good as usual.  He took Grammy's Mustang out Friday night to explore our town.  Saturday I was at he Center, so he and Grammy had a few hours together.  That was good for both of them.  Sunday was my day with T.  We took the Mustang to the car wash, then the gas station,  From there we went to the Brea Mall.  It has been somewhat of a tradition that when T and I get together we (he) goes shopping for something he wants.  That something has changed over the years, but we still go.  I must say it has been several years since I was in a big shopping mall.  Sunday is not the best day to go.  The parking lot was very full.  He dropped me off at one of the entrances and proceed to find a parking spot.  Then we had to locate the store he wanted to check out.  Now I don't walk as well as I used to so it was a bit of a struggle.  We found the store he went in while I waited out side in a comfortable chair.  I always set a limit on the amount I want to spend and he try's to stay within that limit.  Not always successful but usually pretty close.  After he made his selections he come and got me, I went in and paid.  (side note; the mall was very busy and crowed)  Then we needed to find the way out.  Not so simple.  Any way we were finally on our way home. 

I enjoy these little shopping trips with T.  It is something we have been doing for many years.  He is always thankful and appreciative.  We are not just family, we like each other.

Take care, help make this a better world.  Be kind and respectful.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

#11 West Valley, Ut

We have been planning a trip to West Valley for about four months.  Given my medical needs thre were several things that need advanced preparation.  As these things came together I became more excited about the trip.  I used to drive to UT and spend two or three weeks with Sandy, MT, and T.  Drove T to school, pick him and sometimes a friend after school.  Make them a snack.  All the things I enjoyed doing with my Grandson.  T and I developed quite a bond.  We had fun, enjoyed each others company.  To me he is such a joy.  As he grew older we made several road trips from WVC to La Mirada.  A couple in my SSR.  We had fun and talked a lot.  I have such great memories of those times. 

Now we were going for his graduation from high school.  Going for one week.  Can't drive that far anymore, so need to take a airplane.  With help form JP and Isa we left on the great adventure, for me.  I had many questions in my mind regarding my ability to do this.  With their help and help from the airline the first stage was complete.  A good flight and great welcome at the airport by ST.  My emulations were overflowing when I saw ST with a sign welcoming us.  I have always felt in control but now I don't have that feeling.  I have to depend on others for so much.  I am thankful I have a family that will give me that support.  We went to ST home and again the emotions overflowed.  I thought I would never again be able to visit her home.  It was good to be there.  There was such a great feeling of love and happiness.  My family has always been important to me.  Proud of our to daughters and the lives they lead.  I don't have the words to express how important this trip was for me.  I will say I am very thankful for the people who made it happen. 

Graduation Day was awesome.  ST did a wonderful  job of planning.  As our driver Isa did a great job of getting us where we needed to be.  Such a great help to me.  Complete faith and trust in her ability. 

We did several things and I enjoyed them all.  The fact that I was able to be there and share that time with my family is the most important and rewarding.  Love you all.

Friday, May 20, 2016

#10 Story from the past

New Year's Day 1884.  Here in Mojave, California celebrations are every where.  I am not in such a joyful mood.  Nineteen years old.  Down to just a few dollars in my pocket, and no prospects. Just arrive here a few days ago, money goes fast.  As I walk around town there's not much going on.  I find myself down by the rail yard.  I see some men unloading two huge wagons, which contain a white powdery cargo.  I ask a fellow what was going on?  That's borax from Death Valley.  Having grown up in Ohio I had no idea what borax was.  He gave me a little history lesson on the subject and some of the things it was used for.  How do they get the wagons here I asked?  They use a team of twenty mules to pull the wagons he replied.  As I was about to find out more a fellow called to him and they went off to salon.  I approached a man who seemed to be the boss of the operation.  I said I was looking for work.  He paused looked me up and down.  Now I am about five foot ten inches, weigh about one eighty.  He said what kind of work?  I 'am not choosey I replied.  He chewed on his tobacco spit at a lizard, looked at me out of the squinted corner of his eyes.  Well my swampier quit on me this morning.  Can you handle mules?  Good as the next man I replied.  We will be heading out at first light tomorrow, go over to that office over there and sign up.  Get your things and come to the wagon yard by two o'clock today.  We have to load up on supplies for the return trip.  What is the destination of this return trip?  The Harmony Borax mine in Death Valley, he replied.

So began my adventure with Death Valley.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

# 10 2016 I like my town

Sunday mornings I go shopping for groceries.  My route is pretty well planed, first to one market to pick up a few items.  Then to the do-nut shop to get a roll that Jo likes' for her breakfast.  Next is a stop at a market for the majority of the items we need for the week.  As I walk around the store I more or less plan what we will have for the week.  This complete I head for the gas station to fill the gas tank.  Then maybe to a fast food diner for some breakfast for me.  Today I decided to cook at home.  I had already bought some things so I was set.  After filling up the truck with gas, I took a scenic route home.  The time was about 9:45 am, not much traffic.  A few clouds in the sky but still sunny.  The trees along the street were a very pretty green, leaves fluttering in a lite breeze.  I was taken back by how lovely it all looked.  I thought to myself "What a nice place to live." 

Thirty years ago if you had told me I was going to live in Los Angeles area, I would have said no way.  We have been living here for 30 + years.  I say now this is pretty good.  Our home is located in a quiet neighborhood, good neighbors.  Well kept front yards. 

I must say SoCal has been good. 

Take care, smile and be happy.


Friday, April 22, 2016

#9 2016 One year Older

Today was my 76th Birthday.  Got a call from my grandson he asked me if I felt different.  Not really.  Just gratified for the acknowledgment of the day from family and friends.  Very gratifying to know you are loved by family, and friends take the time to note your B-Day.

We have been having nice weather.  Our tomatoes are growing and have several tomatoes that are the size of a hard ball.  The first tomato from the garden has such a wonderful taste.

Take care.  Enjoy life.

Friday, April 15, 2016

# 8 Some changes made

Hello all,
Do you like the new background?  The picture was taken in Death Valley, CA.  Jo and I went there as part of my 70th Birthday.  This steam powered tractor was used to haul borax from Death Valley to a processing plant.  I don't remember were the plant was located.  The tractor was not in service very long.  Prior to the tractor the borax was hauled out using a team of 20 mules.  The team pulled two wagons loaded with borax, a water wagon foe the mules, and a feed wagon.  These were also on display.  I have pictures of them.  The wagons are very large.  As freight hauler myself I was very impressed.  If you get the chance Death Valley is a interesting place to visit.  From Death Valley we went on to Las Vegas, NV with a couple of side trips on the way.  We met up with family in Las Vegas and all had a good time.  My 70th stands out in my memory because of the things we did and the family that attended. 

Things have been going fairly well.  Our SoCal weather has been good at our place.  We got tomatoes in early.  Some of the fruit is golf ball size and many flowers have set.  Looking forward to some good home grown fruit this year.

Sandy and Isabel were here last Sunday.  It always makes me happy when our girls come for a visit no matter how short.  I so enjoy seeing them and hearing in person how life is treating them.

Until we get together again be kind, polite, and understanding.

Monday, February 1, 2016

#7 History

History is what has happened in the past.  We often think of history as things that happened long ago.  What happened yesterday is history.  Everyone has a hand in history.  Some are deemed more important.  When I was 18 years old, I had a 1957 Ford Ranchero.  That is part of my history.  Every thing I have done since I was born is my history.  We don't know what our future will hold, but we all know our history.  Are you proud of your history?  Did you do some things you are not so proud of?  Own your history.  Learn from the mistakes you made.  Be a better human.  Do your part to make the world a better place.  You will be remembered for the history you made, not what you might have done in the future.

I wish you all a pleasant and happy February.  Go forth and make history.

Monday, January 25, 2016

#6 Does time fly?

Woke up this morning and the month of January 2016 is  almost over.  What happened?  What have I done?  Overheard a conversation at the center about how time seems to go by fast as you get older.  I remember siting in class in the sixth grade and thinking how long the school day was.  When you are young it seems time moves slowly.  Now it seems like only yesterday I was holding our first daughter.  She will be 50 this year.  You kidding me?  Where did those years go?  How did so much time go by so fast?  One of the jets came lose in the hot tub.  Our friend came by and said he would find a new one.  He asked how old was the hot tub, we replied about four or five years.  Then we began to remember and came up with fifteen.  What?  My gosh it does not seem possible.  We have been in this house for 30 years.  Seems like only yesterday we moved in.

I think we need to make the most out of the time we have.  You can not save time.  The second hand just keeps on moving.  You maybe be able to be more efficient but time goes on.  Enjoy the time we have.  There are many things we do that can bring us joy, bring us to a happy place.

Look for that happy place, enjoy the time you have.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#5 Looking for Norml

I changed my layout the other day and then I got lost.  Could not figure out how to post or get my old format back.  Well I called in JP to help.  She pushed buttons, waved her finger over the keyboard and alas it was back.  This is only a test.  Testing 1, 2, 3.  I repeat this is only a test.

Monday, January 18, 2016

#4 New layout

Fooling around trying to change the look of this blog.  Would like to add a new picture, but can not find the way as of now.  Made a few changes. 

today cloudy and damp but no rain at our house.  Bay area getting a lot of moisture.  Mountains too.  We need the snow pack to be real good this year.  Even if we just get our normal rain fall here we will be ahead of the last few years.

Take care.  Drive safe.

Friday, January 15, 2016

#4 Normal Times

I lead a very normal life.  Not much excitement or drama most of the time.  W have a little dog.  She is such a sweet thing.  She has developed a routine based on my habits.  I probably talk more to her than I do to humans.  She always looks and acts as she knew what I am talking about.  It is amazing how you can become so attached to and animal.  Any way she gives me pleasure just to have her around.

Talked to my brother by phone  tonight.  They are having a lot of rain.  Not much for him to do but stay inside and keep his stove going.

All is well here.  Hope the world comes back to it's sense's soon.

Take care.  Be kind.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

#3 Post iMac

The day after Christmas I took the plunge and bought a iMac.  A few days later I unpacked this beauty and began the process of getting setup.  After about 7 hours (frustration level getting higher), I stopped for that day.  When I returned to the setup, still didn't get what I wanted.  Made the decision this computer is not for me.  Boxed it back up for return to store.  Should be simple enough right?  Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!  I had entered some incorrect data and they couldn't figure out how to undo the problem.  Three hours later a rep for Apple was able to remedy the problem and OK the refund.  So there goes my upgraded computer for 2016.  Back with my HP and Windows 10, sans sound.  Oh well.

Other than that all is well.  Got Power Ball fever.  Can you image 1.3 Billion for a $2 investment?

Had pleasant weekend with the visit of our daughter fro SD.  Made catfish Pappy style for lunch.  Watched the Vikings lose a game they should have won.  No home team won in this Wild Card round.  First time in history I think they said.

Hope you all had a good weekend.  I still have one more day on mine.

Take care, be kind.

Monday, January 4, 2016

#2 2016 Orginize

I have been busy re-arranging my files.  In December 2015 I decided not to keep hard copies of some of the recurring bills.  So I have been purging the old copies from my hard file.  A little at a time.  I think I will go to a more computer based system.  As I work through things that make sense, and are practical.  After all I am a common sense guy, and like things to be practical.

Now that the holidays are over and I am getting back to my regular schedule, I am sure all things will work out.  I consider my dialysis to be a part time job.  Twelve hours a week.  Now to work with that schedule and have a life.  My back has been giving me trouble for three months.  Some days I feel OK then the next day maybe not so good.  I am waiting for the health care to get me and appointment for a back x-ray.  Kinda would like to know what is going on.

JP has a terrible cough.  Hope she gets better soon.  Other than these small problems we are well.

Tax time is coming soon and I need to get the information together for the Tax man.  Our guy that has done our taxes for several years re-tired.  Sold his business to fellow tax guy who he has known for many years.  Hope we get the same good service from the new guy.

Take care, be kind, and helpful to your fellow human.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 #1 New beginning

Hello all,
Been some time since I last blogged.  2015 did not seem to inspire me much.  There were some good times and very few bad times.  Just kinda went by with out a lot of drama or problems. 
Let,s take look at how 2015 went. 

Sold my Chevy SSR.  I really liked that vehicle.  It was fun to drive and turned heads wherever we went.

Jo and the girls went to Spain for two weeks.  I was happy and proud to be a small part in that trip.  They say they had a great time and I am very happy for them.

Outstanding moments of 2015?  I am sure there were some others but none come to mind right now. 

What does 2016 look like?  I begin the year going from a windows system to a iMac system.  This change will take place in the next week or so.  My Grandson will graduate from high school in May.  He said he wants a iMacPro for collage.  I said a Windows system was more practical.  He said maybe but a iMacPro was more trendy.  After doing some research on prices on the webb  I made the choice to be trendy.  I bought a iMac desk top.  Now to the work of making the change.

I would like to say "HAPPY 2016 TO YOU".  I was up at midnight for the first time in a long time and shared a CAVA toast and a kiss with my bride of over 50 years together.

Let's make 2016 a year of peace and love, and Proud to be and American and live in the greatest country in the world.  USA

Take care, be kind to all.