Monday, August 14, 2017

# 33 ?????????????

Why do some people hear only  what they want to hear?  I heard the President speak about the terrible incident in VA.  I thought he made it clear about all extreme groups.  However a lot of people did not think that was enough.

People of the USA we must respect each other and be tolerant of the opinion of others.  There is no need to be violent.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

# 32 Considering

August 10th,well into this year.  There seem to be several problems with me, and my health.  Largest a broken hip.  I am about two and a half months since the incident.  The pressure this put on my wife was a lot.  As my recovery progressed I developed and infection in hip.  Another hospital stay.  More recovery and re-hab at home.  More stress on the wife.  She is coping with things but not the happy lady I married.  I suppose you could play the what if game.  But if people knew the things that will happen in their life, good and bad, would they embark on life's adventure?  For me life has been  adjusting to satiations that come up.  Some were correct others not.  The play book for life is very murky.  More like several guide lines.  How we each see those guide lines varies a lot.  We each have to chose our own path.  Sometimes this involves other people.  As we grow from childhood to adults, these guide lines change.  As a young adult I was happy to take chances, street racing at night and building hot rods.  After the Army tour (3 years) I was married and needed to make a living for my wife and myself.  This involved some business and hourly work.  Not a lot of money but a living.  At forty years old I went to work for wages.  I still had ideas and developed some to fit the work at the time.  I have been retired now for 14 years.  I have seen my world shirking to much smaller footprint.  As I look down the road of life I know it is getting closer to the end, but I can't see the end yet.  But there are several signs warning me that it is coming.  How do I deal with the physical and mental problems that are here and yet to come?  How do those around me that I love handle the burdens I place on them?  My wife and children have been the focus of my life.  I have tried to be a good husband and father.  There have been times I have failed.  There have also been successes.  Right now I don't feel I am in a successful mode.  I see myself as a drain on my wife and her happiness.  My attitude needs to change back to positive.  I know this but am having a difficult time making the change.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

# 31 Late night rambling

3am again can't sleep.  Pain in my right leg.  Took a pill for pain.  Wait awhile till it begins to work.

We have been having nice weather here in SoCal.  Mid to upper 80's cooling down to mid upper 60's at night.  Very muggy for the last week or so.  Pulling moisture from Mexico causing some thunder storms in the desert and mountain regions.  A few flash floods did some damage.  The fires are still burning but none close to were we live.

I am disappointed with our congressional lawmakers.  They go to Washington, DC to make laws to govern our country.  When they get in office they seem to forget they work for us.  Each promotes his point of view and refuses to listen to the opposing point and settling down to reach a comprise solution.  I think term limits for congressional office are the way to go.  There are people who have 40 years serving.  The pool numbers for congress are very low.  Yet they collect their checks, write books, make speeches and do busy work.  Each one has a staff who get s government check.  A very nice social club I think.

State government isn't any better.  In California we pay high taxes.  Yet the state has setup and office and millions of dollars to defend illegal emigrants.  Los Angeles has done the same.  When will they see the light?  The rich are leaving California and so are companies.  High taxes, excess regulation are making it hard to do have a business here.  Nevada and Texas will soon be eating California's lunch.

Red Red Hot Head is thinking about not writing in her blog.   Came as disappoint because I enjoyed reading the blog.

Take care.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

# 30 Home town

Most people have a home town they may be proud or not of this place.  I know some people who are very proud of their home town.  I was born in OK but left their with my parents at the age of 6 years.  We moved to a small town in CA.  A farming community called Dixon.  I still have family living there.  By all accounts that is my home town.  I do have some good memories growing up there.  Do I have a desire to move there and live now?  I think not.  But you never know for sure what lies down the road.  I lived for a few years in Jerome, Id.  Been back a few times to see how the town changed.  Not home either.  Burley, ID the same.  Back a few times but not home.  Then to La Mirada, CA in southern CA Los Angeles area.  Been here 32 years in the same location.  I think this is home.  People ask where are you from, my reply is born in OK live in Southern CA now.  Yes I am home.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

# 29 Random

Dialysis today hit me hard.  It has taken me about 4 hours to get back to OK.  Some days are like this.  The last couple of hours at dialysis was hard.  Then to top things off, when I was ready to leave my arm started bleeding.  So more time while they replaced to bandage's.  The day didn't start very well.  I arrived a little early, but my chair was still occupied.  They must have got a late start on that patient.  So I was late getting hooked up, all things considered not a great day.

On the good side my hip is feeling better and I am walking easier.  Still have to sleep on my back, but more comfortable than at the start.

Take care.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

# 28 Dogs

I was setting on the swing in our back yard yesterday evening.  Our dog LuLu was around.  Then she came over to sit by me.  As I petted her and told her what a pretty puppy she was.  These questions came to mind.  So do dogs show love or is it affection, devotion?  Why do we talk to dogs?  I consider LuLu a friend and companion.  When I get home from the Center she always greets me with joy.  Watching TV she is always close by.  When JP goes out shopping or just to pick up some fast food, LuLu  will wait for her return.  If I am in another room she will excitably run to me to alert me that her other human is home.  She gives so much and asks so little.  I am happy to have LuLu in my life.  She gives me comfort and joy.

Take care.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

# 27 Fathers Day 2017

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there.  I myself am a proud father of two wonderful daughters.  The youngest is here to spend the weekend with me and her Mom.  The oldest lives in another state and was unable to travel here because of some business matters.  I have been very blessed to have such lovely girls.  They were wonderful growing up and have become great adults.  So many memories when they were small.  Due to the work I was doing at that time, I was able to share their growing up.  Sports, 4-H dog training, and dog shows.  Cooking for them as their Mom took night college classes.  Thursday night was pizza at Pizza Hut.  Pork topping.  Talking and enjoying each other's company.  High school basketball games.  Tennis matches, volley ball.  When the oldest moved to UT there were NBA games to watch from the company suite.  Soccer matches our Grandson was in.  Basketball games in which he played.  Library trips for him to check out books.  Poetry readings from the youngest.  I am astounded by her use of words, to string them together to create a mood.  Paint a picture with words.  When they come to visit it is a very comfortable feeling.  I enjoy being with my girls.  They make my heart swell with pride.  They have brought me much joy and happiness over the years.  I love them dearly.  I feel their love for me when ever I talk to them on the phone or in person.  Some times they ask what do I want as a gift.  Girls you have been giving me the greatest gift of my life.  The joy and happiness to be your Dad.

Love you.