Sunday, July 31, 2016

#12 Welcome visit from T

T arrived Thursday evening.  We picked him up at the LB Airport.  Good to see him, he was a little tired from work, partying, and traveling.  A quick stop at our local In & Out Burger emporium perked him up some.  Home and some small talk then he went to bed.  Rather early for him.  He is quite grown up now, although I saw him in June at his HS graduation.  He seems older.  Friday we went to Panda Inn for lunch.  It was good as usual.  He took Grammy's Mustang out Friday night to explore our town.  Saturday I was at he Center, so he and Grammy had a few hours together.  That was good for both of them.  Sunday was my day with T.  We took the Mustang to the car wash, then the gas station,  From there we went to the Brea Mall.  It has been somewhat of a tradition that when T and I get together we (he) goes shopping for something he wants.  That something has changed over the years, but we still go.  I must say it has been several years since I was in a big shopping mall.  Sunday is not the best day to go.  The parking lot was very full.  He dropped me off at one of the entrances and proceed to find a parking spot.  Then we had to locate the store he wanted to check out.  Now I don't walk as well as I used to so it was a bit of a struggle.  We found the store he went in while I waited out side in a comfortable chair.  I always set a limit on the amount I want to spend and he try's to stay within that limit.  Not always successful but usually pretty close.  After he made his selections he come and got me, I went in and paid.  (side note; the mall was very busy and crowed)  Then we needed to find the way out.  Not so simple.  Any way we were finally on our way home. 

I enjoy these little shopping trips with T.  It is something we have been doing for many years.  He is always thankful and appreciative.  We are not just family, we like each other.

Take care, help make this a better world.  Be kind and respectful.