Friday, April 22, 2016

#9 2016 One year Older

Today was my 76th Birthday.  Got a call from my grandson he asked me if I felt different.  Not really.  Just gratified for the acknowledgment of the day from family and friends.  Very gratifying to know you are loved by family, and friends take the time to note your B-Day.

We have been having nice weather.  Our tomatoes are growing and have several tomatoes that are the size of a hard ball.  The first tomato from the garden has such a wonderful taste.

Take care.  Enjoy life.

Friday, April 15, 2016

# 8 Some changes made

Hello all,
Do you like the new background?  The picture was taken in Death Valley, CA.  Jo and I went there as part of my 70th Birthday.  This steam powered tractor was used to haul borax from Death Valley to a processing plant.  I don't remember were the plant was located.  The tractor was not in service very long.  Prior to the tractor the borax was hauled out using a team of 20 mules.  The team pulled two wagons loaded with borax, a water wagon foe the mules, and a feed wagon.  These were also on display.  I have pictures of them.  The wagons are very large.  As freight hauler myself I was very impressed.  If you get the chance Death Valley is a interesting place to visit.  From Death Valley we went on to Las Vegas, NV with a couple of side trips on the way.  We met up with family in Las Vegas and all had a good time.  My 70th stands out in my memory because of the things we did and the family that attended. 

Things have been going fairly well.  Our SoCal weather has been good at our place.  We got tomatoes in early.  Some of the fruit is golf ball size and many flowers have set.  Looking forward to some good home grown fruit this year.

Sandy and Isabel were here last Sunday.  It always makes me happy when our girls come for a visit no matter how short.  I so enjoy seeing them and hearing in person how life is treating them.

Until we get together again be kind, polite, and understanding.