Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

On Sunday Jo and I drove to San Diego. Took the SSR out for some R&R. The occasion was a CD release by Citizen Band. We planned and overnight stay at a cozy motel overlooking the bay. The drive down to SD was very pleasant, traffic moved right along. The SSR rumbled its pleasure to be out and running. We arrived at Jeff and Lizzie's house in good time. A very nice card from Lizzie and two CD's. The Citizen Band and Steve Earle doing songs written by Townes Van Zandt. Very nice. Since Jeff had played the night before and was playing Sunday night he chose to stay home and rest while we went to lunch. Our first choice had a huge line waiting to get inside, so we selected another location on the fly. Olive Garden. It was close and no line. Turned out to be a good choice. The waiters got mixed up, so we were treated to lunch on the house. The food was good and even better when we didn't have to pay. After lunch back to their house for a little while, then Jo and I headed for the motel. On the way we stopped at a fabulous dessert place were we purchased some dessert for later. Our motel was as described, good view of the bay. However our room did not have the bay view. But it was still OK. A little nap before the show then we were ready to go.

The Show.
Lizzie introduced the opening acts. They played and sang very well. Met several of Lizzie's friends. Always pleased to meet her friends. Nice to see the re pore between them. Then CB was on stage. I had been told it would be loud. It was LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!! Great. The joy and happiness displayed by Jeff and the band members was quite evident. Heads were bobbing feet jumping, guitars screaming. Baby it was ROCKING!!!! The drummer kept the beat throbbing in your body. I had a really good time. So much so that I dreamed I was on stage with them playing guitar and singing. But it was only a dream, but it was good!!!

Thanks Lizzie and Jeff for a memorable Father's Day.

Take care, love to all.