Friday, November 20, 2009


Greetings all,
Been awhile since my last post. Things have been good.

Last week S and T came for a visit. Then on Saturday L drove up from San Diego. My girls were home. We talked and enjoyed each others company. Went out to eat, cooked some of their favorite homemade foods. (catfish, choclate chip waffles, mini pancakes, etc.) Had a good time. Early b-day dinner out for L. I enjoy the interactions between JP and her daughters. They get along well and like each other. S looks great. Inspired me to join the WW program.

Saturday night I woke up about 2am. As I walked into the living room I was struck by a feeling of contement and joy. My family was sleeping and it was very quite and peaceful. My girls were home. I was so content at that moment. There is such a feeling of contement for me when my adult children come to visit and they want to spend time with me. I love my girls. They are important and very special. I am very proud of my girls. I tell them I love them, but the feeling I have when they come to visit is something they will have to experience when their adult children come to see them in their later years. Thanks girls for a wonderful visit.

Love you, take care.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Had to get in on this date. I not much on numbers in general, but this peeked my interest. Today is the 252nd day of this calendar year. 2+5+2=9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can go on and on about this number thing and I have read a number of things on the web today. I will just say kinda cool.

I had hoped to be on my way to UT tomorrow, but will re-schedule for a later date. The kitchen project is still in the construction stage(though coming to completion). When that phase is complete, there will be some clean up. Then putting things back in place. Maybe some weeding out of unused or sometime almost never items. It is very interesting how a person comes into possession of some items, then thinks "What was I thinking".

We are also considering moving my desk to my room and returning the office to a bedroom. My desk will be difficult to move. It will require some dis-assembly and then re-assemble. What's the reason you ask? We discovered we like to use the door from the office to the laundry room. With the futon or a bed there we couldn't. Hence moving the desk to my room would allow the bed to be positioned where the desk is now. Thus allowing access to the laundry room door. When JP had the office as her bedroom our old hot water heater was very noisy. That is the reason she changed rooms. The new water heater is very quiet. Will she move back??????????

Maybe tonight I will be able to cook in the kitchen again. I think I will go grocery shopping just in case. Breakfast for dinner. Hash brown spuds, eggs over easy(yolks only for JP), ham steak, biscuits, and maybe just a splash of milk gravy. Just need to remember which box the skillet is in!!!!!!!!!!!

Normal temperatures have returned to our area. Very nice the last few days. I can almost feel fall in the air. This is one of my favorite times to be in UT. I will miss being there. Most of all I will miss spending time T. We enjoy each others company.

Take care, love to all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Salt

Some pictures I shot during World of Speed. I am not sure which year.
Take care, love to all.
Pappy 1

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catch Up

August, Speed Week. September World of Speed. October World Finals. All these events take place on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I love going to the "Salt". When conditions are right there is a seven mile long course. The sound of the engine when a "car" is going through the lights at 250 mph or 300 mph is awesome. I have only been to World of Speed event. I would like to get to Speed Week and World Finals someday.

Since my last post in July!!!!!!!!!!! I have been to Utah with JP. Had some minor surgery, living through a kitchen re-model(still going on) and taking things easy.

With summer almost over, I need to start planning for the fall. Maybe a quick trip to Utah!!! Who knows. September 25th back for some more minor surgery, so no traveling after that till things heal.

Take care, love to all.
Pappy 1

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of Pop

Michael Jackson didn't do much for me. I think he was talented and a great preform er. I never listened to his music or made a point to see a video. His personal life was a little strange, but his life. I am not the one to judge him. On my first visit to Disneyland, I think I saw the Jackson Five doing a show at one of the outdoor stages. I didn't stay just looked at them in passing.

Today on TV I watched the memorial from Staples Center, yes the whole thing. I was very moved by the ceremony. Those who knew him and had a close relationships were very sincere in their grief. He was certainly on a path for self destruction. It is to bad some one close to him was unable to help him. But you can only be helped if you realize you need help.

Rest in Peace, Michael J. Jackson.

Take care, love to all.
Pappy 1

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July. Hope everyone has a safe and sane celebration. I think the real sense of the day is forgotten by most people. I was reminded of the meaning this morning while watching a TV program. A news program. They were at the Statue of Liberty. I passed by this great lady on my way to Germany and again on my return. A young man in the US Army. On my way to Germany I was to occupied by thoughts of things yet to happen to appreciate her. On my return my thoughts were about travel plans and getting home to CA.

The New Colossus
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
with conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
a mighty woman with a torch
whose flame is imprisoned lightning,
and her name Mother of Exiles.
From her beacon-hand glows
world-wide welcome;
her mild eyes command the air-bridged harbor
that twin cities frame.
"Keep ancient lands your storied pomp!"
cries she with silent lips.
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
Emma Lazarus (1849-1887)
This is an eloquent and beautiful portrayal of what America is about: a land of equal opportunity.
This message is carved into the concrete pillar at the base of the Statue of Liberty.
Have your celebration, tip a few. Remember to appreciate what a great country you live in.
USA!!!!!!!!!USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!USA!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!USA!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care, love to all.
Pappy 1

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

On Sunday Jo and I drove to San Diego. Took the SSR out for some R&R. The occasion was a CD release by Citizen Band. We planned and overnight stay at a cozy motel overlooking the bay. The drive down to SD was very pleasant, traffic moved right along. The SSR rumbled its pleasure to be out and running. We arrived at Jeff and Lizzie's house in good time. A very nice card from Lizzie and two CD's. The Citizen Band and Steve Earle doing songs written by Townes Van Zandt. Very nice. Since Jeff had played the night before and was playing Sunday night he chose to stay home and rest while we went to lunch. Our first choice had a huge line waiting to get inside, so we selected another location on the fly. Olive Garden. It was close and no line. Turned out to be a good choice. The waiters got mixed up, so we were treated to lunch on the house. The food was good and even better when we didn't have to pay. After lunch back to their house for a little while, then Jo and I headed for the motel. On the way we stopped at a fabulous dessert place were we purchased some dessert for later. Our motel was as described, good view of the bay. However our room did not have the bay view. But it was still OK. A little nap before the show then we were ready to go.

The Show.
Lizzie introduced the opening acts. They played and sang very well. Met several of Lizzie's friends. Always pleased to meet her friends. Nice to see the re pore between them. Then CB was on stage. I had been told it would be loud. It was LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!! Great. The joy and happiness displayed by Jeff and the band members was quite evident. Heads were bobbing feet jumping, guitars screaming. Baby it was ROCKING!!!! The drummer kept the beat throbbing in your body. I had a really good time. So much so that I dreamed I was on stage with them playing guitar and singing. But it was only a dream, but it was good!!!

Thanks Lizzie and Jeff for a memorable Father's Day.

Take care, love to all.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Disappointment abounds. Cav's lost in a big way. Could Orlando be for real? Superman will need to play well if they want to beat the Laker's. His defense and post up play will be tested. Could it be the Jazz will trade CB to the Cav's for ????? The big Z!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jazz have a lot to consider this off season. The fans will stick with them if progress can be made.

I will go out on a limb here and say the Orlando Magic in seven.

Another out on the tiny limb predication; Danica finishes second in the IRL.

There they stand, bold and brassy. Write them down, heed my look into the future.

Take care, be kind to your fellow man. For tomorrow he may be King!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Garden

The view from my office is nice. It looks into our backyard. Today I took some photo's and will post some. It is relaxing and peaceful to look up from the computer and see the plants and flowers. This year for my tomato's I am trying something new. A "Topsy Turvy". The plants hang upside down. We should be able to cut our loss of tomato's due to snails, ground rot, etc. So far they are doing well. The plants N brought over will add much to our garden. Our patio has a lot of potted plants already, so we will need to plant several of those we received from N.

The weather has been good lately. Cloud cover in the morning then a ocean breeze from about 11 am on. Temperature in the high 70's. Mid 60's at night. Good sleeping. Jo's school year is winding down. It will be nice to have her around during the day. We don't do much but I like her company.

On my recent trip thru Las Vegas I was tempted to put money on the Cleveland Cav's to take the NBA title. But they are having a tough time with Orlando. Maybe I saved myself some money. When the Jazz were in the finals way back when, I put $100 on them to take the title. The Bull's proved to much for Malone and company. I am still a Jazz fan. Maybe they can make some trades this year and get back to the finals next year. Jo is flying high over the big soccer win by Barcelona. I am happy for her. Her Dad was a season ticket holder for that club for many years.

With summer vacation coming up you know gas prices are also going up. Gas is $2.60 a gallon here. Like MT always says "Californians don't know what to pay for things." The state raises the gas tax to keep us from driving, then complains they don't get enough revenue from gasoline taxes to build and repair roads. The federal government wants vehicles to get 35mpg. . Then they will want to raise the federal tax on gasoline so they will have money for the federal highways. What you gonna do?

Take care, be kind to your Senator and Congressman. They are feeding at the public trough, and goodness knows we (the people) don't want to upset them by being practical.


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Back home in CA. Good to be home, had a good time in UT, but it's nice to get home. I enjoy the time I spend with Sandy and her family. They make me feel very welcome. Tristan and I enjoy each others company and get along very well. But home is home.

The SSR again was a pleasure to drive.

Tristan is playing soccer. I got to see him play in two games. He did very well. The team is quite good. 2-0 so far.

JP did a good job taking care of the garden while I was away. Our tomato plants are growing and now have some small tomatoes.

This weekend is the official start of summer vacation season. JP and I will grill some pork ribs tomorrow. Maybe N will come over to share them.

Take care all.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Open Road

Greetings all,

I am posting this from West Valley City, UT. I arrived here about noon today. I left home Sunday in the SSR. It felt good to get out on the open road and let Black Beauty run. This car attracts attention. I really enjoy driving the SSR. The sound of the exhaust is music to my ears. Speaking of music I played the new BH cd on the trip. Great. Great songs, wonderful guitar work, great harmony. Really good production.

I made a pit stop in Jean, NV at the Gold Strike Casio. There are some slot machines there called "Wheel of Fortune". You play them normally, then if a symbol comes up that says "Wheel of Fortune" you get a free spin of "Wheel of Fortune" that's on top of the machine. A needle goes around various pay out amounts (20, 40, 250, etc.). The amounts it stops on is your payout. After putting about $2 in I got the free "Wheel of Fortune" spin. One thousand quarters. Two Hundred Fifty dollars. Not a huge win but very satisfying for me. The cashier paid me, I said thank you and got back on the road. Good start to the trip.

Looking forward to a very good visit with family here in UT. T already has some shopping plans lined up. Starting tomorrow at Barnes & Noble. A book store.

Take care all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thinking About

Washing dishes and listening to the CD by Sugarland I got to thinking about events and places that stand out in my memory. Such as.

Sun rise over Little America, WY after sleeping in the car on the way to Denver, CO. To meet JP and the girls returning from Spain.

Harvest moon rise in Idaho.

Asking JP's Mom and Dad for her hand in marriage.

Birth of my children. Birth of my Grandson. Holding my grandson.

Getting the news that my Father had passed away.

Fried catfish from Grandma Wann's kitchen in Summerfield, OK.

Grandma Moore's biscuit's. Dad Moore's gentle way.

The Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam. The Snake River. Columbia River Gorge.

Bonneville Salt Flats. Canyon Lands. The Arches, Moab, UT. Thunder storm in Limon, CO.

Trip to Canada with my daughters. Yellowstone Park. Luxury cabins at Lake Yellowstone.

Grizzly bear (wild) at Yellowstone not 20 yards away. Feeling when I first looked at my SSR.

First time I ate pancakes. Turning the crank on the ice cream maker with L sitting on it to hold it still.

Walking S down the aisle at her wedding. S's graduation from High School. Her graduation from college.

Taking L to college and saying goodbye in the parking lot. L's graduation. JP's graduation from college.

Flying to SLC to meet S driving from ID to watch a Jazz playoff game with the Denver Nuggets.

Life is good.
Pappy 1

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family and Friends


A few days ago I celebrated my birthday. It was a very mellow day. The cards, calls and e-mails from family were much appreciated. Having Jo's kindergarten class sing happy birthday over the phone was very nice. The lovely flowers from Mia brought a smile. Jo and I had a nice dinner at El Torito Grill. I was even happy to have some of the servers sing happy birthday to me. A victory by the Jazz over the Lakers would have been the icing on the cake. Didn't happen. Maybe tonight in SLC. S, MT, and T enjoy the game at Energy Solutions Arena. Wish I was there with you.

Is this a new beginning? Starting my 69th year of life here on this planet. Looking back that is a long time. The past has been great, but I am looking forward to the future. There are many things I want see and do.

Thank you all for making my B-Day so pleasant.

Take care, love to all.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It has been a while since I have blogged. Thought of several things to write about but when I sat down at the computer, the urge was not there.

On March 14th L drove up from SD, she was going to reading by a friend in Tarazana. I went with her. We drove the SSR. Black Beauty needed to get out and run. The weather was nice enough but not top down nice.

The reading was good, they even had and open mike and L read a couple of her works. I have heard L read many times but I am still surprised and pleased each time. She truly has a way with words. She was surprised to see two singers there she had just met and saw perform in SD earlier that week. L was a little star struck, but handled things well. They seemed to enjoy her reading. It was a pleasant afternoon for me. Spending one on one time with L is always a good experience for me. Just a proud as punch Dad.

I got to thinking about words. Individual letters that we assemble into words. We assign meaning to these words. Take the letter C, add A, and T. Put them close together they spell CAT. Now who came first, the animal we call a CAT or the letters we put together to identify this animal. Perhaps in the mind of a CAT, they refer to themselves as "one who walks quietly".

Words are a wondrous gift. A song writer can tell a story that will leave you deep in thought. Dancing with joy. Crying with sorrow. A poet will take you on journey you may never imagined. Sitting in your living room a writer can make you want to put on a coat. Check the locks on the doors. Jump at the slightest noise. See the landscape. Feel the summer heat. The anguish and fear, the sexual tension between to lovers.

When we read words our mind unravels them and re-assembles them into thoughts. These thoughts allow us to understand, feel the meaning, and descriptions conveyed by the words. We enjoy what the words bring to us. Every where you turn there are words collected together. How is it possible that man has created so many words using only twenty six letters.(English) I heard recently that during the Dark Ages there was a Monk who had one of the largest book collections at the time. How many books did he have? Two Hundred and Fifty!!! It seems during those times it was acceptable to have sanctioned book burnings. Plus almost everyone was illiterate. The written word. A very powerful addition to mankind. My grasp of history does not allow me to thank the person who brought words to us.

Spoken word. There is a whole new ball game. You use the written word. But with the addition of the voice and all of the capabilities there in, inflection, anger, sorrow, etc. you can play and play.

I once thought a person was given only so many words to use in a lifetime. Now I know they are recyclable. There are words I have never used or even heard. I can use the same words over and over. They don't wear out. They don't lose their meaning. Words are valuable.

Use them wisely.
Take care, love to all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


February 13 was a memorable day. This day marked two years since I got the SSR. The weather was kinda rainy so I left it in the garage. But I went out and talked to the beauty.

See you.


Monday, February 2, 2009


Super Bowl yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game. Cardinals lost(my pick) but they played great. The offense won the game but the defense did not hold. Great catch in the corner by the Steelers.

Maybe we are not were we want to be but are there because we need to be there. My folks lived in OK. Family was close around. For their own family they decided a move was necessary. Off to CA. Jobs and a house were waiting. How much of your household things can you take in two cars? The year was 1946, September I think. There was, Mom, Dad, four kids, (6, 4, 3, 1)my Grandfather, Grandmother(my mothers Mom and Dad), my mother's brothers. Martin, Walt, and Clyde. Eleven people. The cars were not large and comfy. It was 1946. The cars were not new. The drivers were Mart and Clyde. Clyde was the baby of the family. Both had been in the Army during WWII and had served in Europe. We were headed for a new life in CA. When there are that many people and not much money, traveling is not much fun. The goal is to get from A to B. No motel's. Sleep in the car. Sandwich lunches. Breakfast in a roadside cafe. They needed the coffee. I have a distant memory of a Port of Entry at Barstow, CA. They had to unload the cars and pile everything on tables to be inspected. You never know what Okies want to bring into the "Golden State". That must have been a hard trip for my folks. But you do what you think is best for your family. My Dad's family remained in OK. I remember he wrote to his mother every week.

JP left her family in Spain to be with me in CA. We left my family in CA to move to ID. We moved back to CA but to different part. One of our daughters chose to stay in ID. She met a feller. Then they moved to UT. Our youngest chose CA(so far), the southern southern part. San Diego.

We are all separated but yet close. We share experiences, events in our lives, and love. Support and encouragement. Proud of the achievements each accomplishes. We live our own lives but there is a connection. A strong connection. We are family. That family grows through relationships. Yet the original core grows stronger. In phone calls, e-mail, blogs and visits. We love each other. But maybe beyond that we like each other.

Love you all, take care.

Monday, January 26, 2009


The other day I got to thinking about a trip to OK when I was a young feller. We were on Hwy 66 in New Mexico. Winter time, cold but clear. At a roadside cafe I saw a auto hauler. As I watched him park his truck and go in the cafe, I began to think about being a trucker. He hauled new cars from the factory to the towns around the country. Got to see a lot of new places. Out on the road. A lot of time away from his family, kinda lonely.

Little did I know that many years later I would be a trucker of sorts. Not hauling new cars. Hazardous materials was my game. In trucking and vacation travel I have been in 27 states and 6 countries. I have seen some very beautiful scenery. The head waters of the Missouri river. The Colorado river where it is only ten foot wide. The Snake river in Idaho. The Columbia river between Oregon and Washington. The Rocky mountains of the West. The great western deserts. Bonneville Salt Flats. The Great Salt Lake. Death Valley. Yellowstone National Park. Moab, Utah with the amazing natural arches. East of the Rockies. The once great grasslands. The Big Sky country of Montana. Grand views of Canada. Drinking to much one night in Canada with my two daughters. A wild Grizzly bear in Yellowstone. Trucking along I-10 on a wonderful spring day close to Palm Springs, a car pulls alongside and a lovely young lady flashes and smiles. A snowy cold day in Nebraska with a ground blizzard. Forty thousand pounds of poison chemicals on board, snow pack covered road. Flash flood in Gunnison, CO. Rocks the size of basketballs and bigger flowing onto the road. So cold the diesel in the fuel tanks turns to jell. Harvest moon rise on the Snake River at Massacre Rocks. Ruts left by the pioneer wagon trains. Washington, DC. Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument. The Capital. Grand Central Station. Statute of Liberty.

I have been fortunate to see so much of this country.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In Feb. 2007 I was able to purchase a vehicle that I fell in love with when it was first introduced. Chevrolet introduced the SSR (Super Sport Roadster) in 2003. I would go out of my way to see one at a dealer. The design was something!!! Priced out of my reach there was little chance I would ever own a SSR. Feb. '07 I was having the urge to trade vehicles. After looking around, JP said why don't you get that one you keep talking about(SSR). I told her they stopped building the SSR in 2006. They were expensive and not many around.
I bought and Auto Trader magazine. There were 4 listed for sale. I picked out a 2004 with 5500 miles. When I first saw the vehicle it knocked my socks off. Black on Black. The deal was made. Driving the SSR today still feels great. I have owned many vehicles over the years but this one is special.
April 21, 2007 I took my first road trip with the SSR. California to SLC, UT. It was my 67th birthday. Out on the open road. Three hundred horses at my beck and call. The open roads of NV were inviting me to turn them loose. I found out the speed limiter works. 125 mph. Sweet. Around home I don't get the chance
to turn her loose, but I know it's there.
T likes me to put the top down and cruise around town. We both enjoy the looks and comments about the car.
Thanks JP.
Pappy 1

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Tangled Web

I was reading the blogs today and was suprised by how a country boy from the backwoods of OK got so involved internationaly. As a shy innocent lad of 24 years I met a lovely girl in Barcelona.
After a wirlwind courtship we were married. This year we will celebrate 44 years togeather. One late night she was surfing on the www and came across a post that put another peice in the puzzle. She discovered a half sister in Sweden. Waiting at the airport for M's arrival JP and I asked how will we know her. Silly question. They look enough alike to be sister's. There was many long talks, sharing memories of "our father" R. Each from their own understanding of the man. Our girls came to meet M and were suprised at how alike JP and M are. Through Facebook M is now in touch with neices in Spain. Her son J will perform with the rock group H.E.A.T in Barcelona soon. Some members of the Spainish family will attend the show and meet J. This has all been very wonderful. For M I am sure it has answered many questions. I am happy for her and JP.

My brother D is very interested in our family tree. He has done a lot of research and compiled stories told to him by uncles on my father's side. On a visit at Christmas he shared the fact that he was the 4th couisn 6 times removed from two US presidents. Being his brother I guess I qualify too.

Being a simple country boy this is hard for me to wrap my head around. But very interesting. I wonder how Sam and Dave are doing?

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!