Thursday, November 10, 2016

#18 Post election

With the election just over, there are many who are unhappy with the results.  Mostly those on the left.  When Obama won the election there were many on the right who were unhappy.  Their behavior was very different than what we are seeing now from the left.  It was accepted and we moved on.  Many of the laws and executive orders we did not agree with.  Court cases were filed and lawful actions were taken to remedy the situation.  I agree the left has a right to protest.  Blocking traffic, destroying property, and civil disobedience only tend to defeat the purpose.  As we transition through this change in leadership, be tolerant and understanding of your fellow American.  To many things are taken in 140 charters or less.  Look at platform positions, read the pro's and con's.  Educate your self on the issues.  Claims can be made without the facts. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

# 17 Elections

We had our presidential elections yesterday.  The votes were counted and a winner selected under the terms of our constitution.  This was our 45th president election.  This is how we transfer power from one person to the next.  In a peaceful and lawful way.  Now there are those who disagree with this process and the outcome.  Perhaps they do not understand how the system works.  Or could they be just sore losers?  The liberal left in this country is for diversity and under standing as long as you agree with their view point.  Heaven help you should you have a different view.  You are labeled and ridiculed with out mercy.  Grow up liberals.  You are not the answer to our country's problems, more like the cause of them.

Pappy 1

Friday, November 4, 2016

#16 When to leave the nest

For me this was not a problem.  I left when I enlisted in the US Army.  For our children it was for all practical purposes when they went to college.  It was hard for me when the youngest went away to SD.  The older one was already settled in ID.  I saw her often because I traveled thru the town.  The youngest was hard for me to leave her at the school.  Maybe because she was my baby girl.  But I think it was time.  She was only two hours away and we saw her often.  They still come and visit, call often.  Home is where Mom and Dad live.  But they each have their own home and we used to visit their homes regular.  Now that my health does not allow me to travel as freely, not as much.  Still look forward to their visits to Mom and Dad.

Moving away from home brings a considerable amount of responsibility.  Income to pay rent, food, clothes, entertainment and so on.  These things need to be addressed before you make the decision.  A plan needs to be thought out and many things considered.  You might think 'I will be able to do what I want".  Maybe so but not always.  Responsible choices, good planning, and a desire to succeed are also necessary.  If you do decide to move out, sit down with your parents and make a plan.  Outline who is paying for what.  Make the process as pleasant as possible.  Hard breakups between parents and children are never good. 

When you leave the nest you take on more responsibility.  Just because you leave home doesn't mean they are through with you.  You will still need their love and support.  They will need your love and support.  A family together is a strong family.

As I have always told you choose wisely.