Friday, July 18, 2014

#22 2014

Here I am sitting before my keyboard wondering what words will appear on this page.  I feel the need to write to share some thoughts.  I woke up and looked out my window at the fountain.  There were two humming birds taking a bath.  Lovely little creatures.  Very pleasant way to start the day.  

The other day at the center, which has about thirty chairs or so, I was thinking about the story each one of us has.  We are all there for treatment of our condition.  What did they do?  How has their condition affected their family?  Each one of us has a story but do we want to share that story with a stranger?  The nurses are all very busy and efficient .  Pleasant and caring people.  Do they get depressed dealing with people like us?  It is easier to just settle back in my chair and watch TV.  Most days I have a good experience  at the center.  I am treated with respect, and the nurses are always checking to see if I am alright.  I am thankful for the service and treatment they provide.  

Summer time is vacation time.  Here lately I have had the desire to get on the road.  Don't know if or when this will happen, but a little dreaming is good.  Our neighbor traded in his motor home for a bigger one.  Now he and his wife are gone for a month to Northern Cal by Lake Shasta.  They have a small cabin there and with the motor home next to the cabin they are good.  There are other people there and they all get together and play cards and things.

Time for me to fix my breakfast and see what happened in the world last night.  Take care have a good and productive day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#21 2014

Here we are half way thru 2014.  How has the first half been for you?  So far the year has been good for me.  My birthday in April was very enjoyable.  Had family here, wouldn't you know I was the oldest of the group.  Health wise I am doing fine.  At the center the nurses say I am looking good and doing well.  I kinda look at it as my part time job.  Three days a week, for four and a half hours each.  In reality it is what keeps me alive.  Small price to pay to keep on living.  Our garden has done well.  I enjoy being able to sit out side and watch the birds as they bath in the fountain.  Simple things that make life enjoyable.  Quiet time with my daughters when they are here.  The wife and I are in a good place.   We respect and love each other.

The second half of 2014 will be as good I hope.

Just looking at my keyboard and I have no idea what the keys on the top row can do.  When I was taking typing class in high school, it was a manual type writer.  I think there was one electric.  White out was sold by the case.  Copies required carbon paper(kids today won't know what carbon paper does).  My 6th grade teacher told us there would some day be a vehicle that would take man into space and back and be like a glider.  What you say???  Amazing thing have been invented.  A machine that harvests tomatoes with only two or three people, and electric eye does most of the work.  I grew up with hand picking the tomatoes with a crew of 40 people.  I didn't pick tomatoes myself but was involved in running the crew.  Farming has changed a lot since then.  My mind has wondered down memory lane.  Now on the computer is so much easier.

Wishing all a very happy and enjoyable 2nd half of 2014.  Take care.