Monday, February 11, 2013

#1 February 2013

Hello!!!!!!!!!  Been a long time since I was here.  But how long is time?  For us mortals time is a nano second of life.  I have been doing fairly well.  It took some time to adjust to my sitution.  Now it is little goals, small rewards.  But each day I wake up is a small victory.  Enough about me.
     Next week on the 19th will be a milestone.  More later.  The girls will be here the 14th thru 17th for Sandy, Isabel on the 15th till the afternoon of the 17th.  Looking forward to see them and hear about their lives. 
     A vacation we took was to canada and Montana.  Had a good time and enjoyed their company.  You get some idea how your kids are when they are small.  But as adults sometimes they suprise you.  I need to get my thoughts in order and relate some of the things from childhood into adulthood.  Maybe some stories about me.
     Take care, love to all.