Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Had to get in on this date. I not much on numbers in general, but this peeked my interest. Today is the 252nd day of this calendar year. 2+5+2=9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can go on and on about this number thing and I have read a number of things on the web today. I will just say kinda cool.

I had hoped to be on my way to UT tomorrow, but will re-schedule for a later date. The kitchen project is still in the construction stage(though coming to completion). When that phase is complete, there will be some clean up. Then putting things back in place. Maybe some weeding out of unused or sometime almost never items. It is very interesting how a person comes into possession of some items, then thinks "What was I thinking".

We are also considering moving my desk to my room and returning the office to a bedroom. My desk will be difficult to move. It will require some dis-assembly and then re-assemble. What's the reason you ask? We discovered we like to use the door from the office to the laundry room. With the futon or a bed there we couldn't. Hence moving the desk to my room would allow the bed to be positioned where the desk is now. Thus allowing access to the laundry room door. When JP had the office as her bedroom our old hot water heater was very noisy. That is the reason she changed rooms. The new water heater is very quiet. Will she move back??????????

Maybe tonight I will be able to cook in the kitchen again. I think I will go grocery shopping just in case. Breakfast for dinner. Hash brown spuds, eggs over easy(yolks only for JP), ham steak, biscuits, and maybe just a splash of milk gravy. Just need to remember which box the skillet is in!!!!!!!!!!!

Normal temperatures have returned to our area. Very nice the last few days. I can almost feel fall in the air. This is one of my favorite times to be in UT. I will miss being there. Most of all I will miss spending time T. We enjoy each others company.

Take care, love to all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Salt

Some pictures I shot during World of Speed. I am not sure which year.
Take care, love to all.
Pappy 1

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catch Up

August, Speed Week. September World of Speed. October World Finals. All these events take place on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I love going to the "Salt". When conditions are right there is a seven mile long course. The sound of the engine when a "car" is going through the lights at 250 mph or 300 mph is awesome. I have only been to World of Speed event. I would like to get to Speed Week and World Finals someday.

Since my last post in July!!!!!!!!!!! I have been to Utah with JP. Had some minor surgery, living through a kitchen re-model(still going on) and taking things easy.

With summer almost over, I need to start planning for the fall. Maybe a quick trip to Utah!!! Who knows. September 25th back for some more minor surgery, so no traveling after that till things heal.

Take care, love to all.
Pappy 1