Friday, November 20, 2009


Greetings all,
Been awhile since my last post. Things have been good.

Last week S and T came for a visit. Then on Saturday L drove up from San Diego. My girls were home. We talked and enjoyed each others company. Went out to eat, cooked some of their favorite homemade foods. (catfish, choclate chip waffles, mini pancakes, etc.) Had a good time. Early b-day dinner out for L. I enjoy the interactions between JP and her daughters. They get along well and like each other. S looks great. Inspired me to join the WW program.

Saturday night I woke up about 2am. As I walked into the living room I was struck by a feeling of contement and joy. My family was sleeping and it was very quite and peaceful. My girls were home. I was so content at that moment. There is such a feeling of contement for me when my adult children come to visit and they want to spend time with me. I love my girls. They are important and very special. I am very proud of my girls. I tell them I love them, but the feeling I have when they come to visit is something they will have to experience when their adult children come to see them in their later years. Thanks girls for a wonderful visit.

Love you, take care.