Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#9 2014

Lovely day here in SoCal, seems like spring.  Rain is forecast for Friday, but they say only about a quarter inch.  Any amount will help.  It has been foggy here the last two mornings, burning off by 9 am or so.

Really not much going on.  So this will be very short.

Take care.

Monday, January 27, 2014

#8 2014

I watched some of the Gramys.  The Willie and Chris part.  They are getting old and the voice shows it.  Blake I think was so honored to be a part of the group(he is a fan)that he was only trying to help.  Merle is happy to still be alive.  Country music is different now than when I was a kid.  But you got to love them for still trying.

Went grocery shopping Sunday in the ssr.  Nice to get out a little in such a vehicle.  Love that car.

Sunday was a total hang out at home day.  Today after breakfast I started cooking a pork butt.  Put it in the oven about 9:30am at 350' for one hour then lowered to 280' till about 5pm.  Jo got grip on the bone and it came right out.  That's done baby.  Let it cook some more with the cover off the pan to crisp up the top fat.  It tasted real good for dinner.  The roast was 7 lbs. so we will have pork butt for awhile.

Rained a little Sunday night, not much but some.  We sure could use some good gentle rains.

Have a good week, hug someone you love.  Tell them how important they are to you.

Take care.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

#7 2014

Missed a few days writing.  Not much has happened since my last post.  Wednesday was a total relax day.  I had planned to get the ssr smog checked and a few other things.  But when I woke up and had breakfast it just seemed like a nice day to relax.

Friday I got a hair cut Jo doesn't like it much to short she says, makes me look bald.  I like the feel of it and the easy care.  Then I took the ssr to get the smog check completed, it passed ya!  Next to Jiffy Lube for and oil change and a coolant flush and refill.  The ssr is 10 years old but still looks great.  The guy at Jiffy Lube said awesome  car.  Makes me happy when people admire the vehicle.  I agree nice car.
The rest of the day was cleaning out the household files and such.

Today is dialysis day then the weekend for me.  No real plans for Sunday but maybe if the surf is still high we will go have a look.  Monday is open.

Sandy is looking forward to a vacation some where it's warm and watery.  Good for you guys.  Mia is working on plans to come here in April, Isabel is planning on going to Austin in April.  Jo wants to have daycation.  Good for everyone.

Have a nice weekend.  Take care.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#6 2014

Easy day today.  Cleaned and polished the counter tops in the kitchen.  Re arranged some things on the counter.  Got hooked on the tv show "Klondike" last episode tonight.

Flan and his band are doing well.  Jeff is in the SF region for a couple of days.  One of the big shows is tomorrow night.  Flan will raise a lot of money for the Stow family.  God is good.

One of things that kinda bug me is the "entitlement funds" for the years I worked I paid into (also my employer) the social security system.  When the Medicare law was passed I also paid into that fund.  The promise was when I retired I would receive a monthly sum from social security based on a formula the government uses.  I still pay a monthly fee for Medicare and Part D prescription.  The funds were supposed to go into a lock box to be paid later.  Well they have taken that money and replaced it with IOU's.  So as us baby boomers retire the fund are paid from the general fund.  Because I have a pension from the Teamsters my social security is reduced.  I get enough to get by on and with my health problems and us paying monthly for private insurance through Jo's former employer and medicare the majority of my medical bills are paid.  I guess what I am trying to say is I paid into the system in good faith  and now I need  what was promised.

A little bit of a rant but it was something I need to get off my chest.

A Christmas gift I received from Isabel and Jeff was a redneck calendar by Jeff Foxwothry.  Today's quote was, The first thing you ever said to your wife was, "Are them real?"

Be kind and smile.

Monday, January 20, 2014

#5 2014

MLK Day, a true leader.

Weekend NFL.  One of my teams won (Denver) the other is still missing some parts(Niners).  Oh well go Denver.

Sandy your kitchen looks very good.  That pesky sign from the garden store is annoying, but informative.  Black curtains I would never thought they would work but they look good.  Tab tops are so easy to open and don"t get bunched up to bad.  I wanted to get new curtains for our kitchen but Jo said the ones we have are alright.

This week is my sisters birthday.  Wish her a happy day.

Had the SSR out today, got it washed.  Needed a smog test but the battery going down last week made the computer go down, so they told me to drive it a couple of days and come back.  Hope it works out.  The same thing happened the last time it was smoged, I was in a re-hab center and Norbert had to do the same.

Take care.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

#4 2014

Saturday is done, now I start my weekend.  Another summer like day.  Can't beat this weather, but we sure need some rain.  Our Honorable Gov has declared CA a drought zone.  Water restrictions and if you don't comply you are subject to a fine.  May have too turn the front and back yard into a dry landscape.  We will see what happens.  I wonder how deep the water table is here in LM?

A quiet evening at home not much on TV.  Took a couple of short naps since I have been home, low BP at the center today left me tired.  Jo fixed a good dinner and I am feeling better now.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping.  Haven't been for a couple of weeks.  I like to get out and slowly browse the ail es and see what new things are available.  Not that I buy them but it is a chance for me to still feel a little independent.  Bring home the bacon so to speak.

Sunday is a big football day.  Two of my favorite teams are playing for a spot in the Super Bowl.  Denver and San Fran.  Hope each comes away with a victory.

Game results tomorrow night.  Will I be happy or sad?

Friday, January 17, 2014

#3 2014

Summer time temp's here today.  Very warm  but very nice.  Went out to start the SSR the other day but the battery was dead.  I have a portable battery jumper pack, but it is hard for me to connect to the positive termal(the battery in in the rear of the vehicle under the bed) so Chev put some connections up front in the engine compartment.  But still the positive connection is in a small plastic box that has very little room.  So today Jo and I got the jumper system out and with her help we were able to get it started.  This weekend I am going to purchase a solar powered charger.  You place it on the dash and connect thru the lighter.  It is smiley to maintain a fully charged battery.  Hope it works.

Talked to Dewey today.  He met the people who want to buy the walnut orchard he takes care of.  They want him to manage and take care of the orchard for one or two years.  He told them he would do the job for one year, then see how he feels.  If OK he will do the second year.  He had been hoping he could get at least one more year.  Hope all works out for him.

Been such low humidity that my hand are dry and cracking.  I put lotion on several times a day but still.  Saw and add for some hand cream, if I can remember the name I will get some this weekend.

Did the Jazz draft a good player in Trey B. or what?  Go Jazz.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

#2 2014

Tonight is kinda warm.  Temp today 85' F.  And it is Jan. 16.  Our roses are starting to get new leaves.  It has been a pleasant day, a work day for me so to speak.  All went well.  Tomorrow is a free day.  Got a few bookkeeping things to do otherwise just enjoy the day.  A fire northeast of us is burning in the very dry brush close to homes.  Three early morning pot smokers got cold and built a fire which got out of control.  Burned down 2 homes the last I heard.  Still not contained.

Last nights Jazz game was real close at the end, but they could not pull it out.  They played well.

Starting to get our tax info ready, and figure things out.

Kinda tired so that's all I have for tonight.   Take care.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#1 2014

Been a while, Sept. 11 since my last post.  Things have been well.  Thanks giving was very good.  The biggest thing was my wife's surprise birthday party our daughters and I were able to do.  It was great and Jo was really surprises.  Had a great day.  Sandy and Isabel did all the planing and arrangements.  I worked on some food and such.  A B-day she will remember I am sure.  Love that woman.  Christmas was good had family here on Christmas Eve.  Sandy and her family were in ID but Isabel and Jeff were here, and we had a nice meal on Christmas Day.  Very thankful for all of His blessings.

What's going on now?  Happy to live in warm socal.  Picked the last of our fall tomatoes early this month.  Home grown's are so good.  Extended family doing OK.  Pictures from Sandy on the kitchen remodel look very good.  MT is doing a fine job.  MT has vision and will under take any project he feels he can do well. Way to go.

This Sunday the NFL should be fun.  Super Bowl picks for me.  Denver and San Fran.  Denver wins the game.

The Jazz are not doing so well this year but they are showing they have a lot of you talent.  So if they can hang in there they could be the spoiler down the streacth.  The Jazz fans are there with them and giving lots of support.

Well that's enough for this little ramble.