Monday, January 27, 2014

#8 2014

I watched some of the Gramys.  The Willie and Chris part.  They are getting old and the voice shows it.  Blake I think was so honored to be a part of the group(he is a fan)that he was only trying to help.  Merle is happy to still be alive.  Country music is different now than when I was a kid.  But you got to love them for still trying.

Went grocery shopping Sunday in the ssr.  Nice to get out a little in such a vehicle.  Love that car.

Sunday was a total hang out at home day.  Today after breakfast I started cooking a pork butt.  Put it in the oven about 9:30am at 350' for one hour then lowered to 280' till about 5pm.  Jo got grip on the bone and it came right out.  That's done baby.  Let it cook some more with the cover off the pan to crisp up the top fat.  It tasted real good for dinner.  The roast was 7 lbs. so we will have pork butt for awhile.

Rained a little Sunday night, not much but some.  We sure could use some good gentle rains.

Have a good week, hug someone you love.  Tell them how important they are to you.

Take care.

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Kteach said...

The butt roast was super yummy, he cooks it just right. I tried to roast one and it was not tender at all, oh well!