Saturday, January 25, 2014

#7 2014

Missed a few days writing.  Not much has happened since my last post.  Wednesday was a total relax day.  I had planned to get the ssr smog checked and a few other things.  But when I woke up and had breakfast it just seemed like a nice day to relax.

Friday I got a hair cut Jo doesn't like it much to short she says, makes me look bald.  I like the feel of it and the easy care.  Then I took the ssr to get the smog check completed, it passed ya!  Next to Jiffy Lube for and oil change and a coolant flush and refill.  The ssr is 10 years old but still looks great.  The guy at Jiffy Lube said awesome  car.  Makes me happy when people admire the vehicle.  I agree nice car.
The rest of the day was cleaning out the household files and such.

Today is dialysis day then the weekend for me.  No real plans for Sunday but maybe if the surf is still high we will go have a look.  Monday is open.

Sandy is looking forward to a vacation some where it's warm and watery.  Good for you guys.  Mia is working on plans to come here in April, Isabel is planning on going to Austin in April.  Jo wants to have daycation.  Good for everyone.

Have a nice weekend.  Take care.

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