Monday, December 1, 2014

#31 2014

December 1, 2014.  My how time (as we measure  it) rolls along.  How did pre-historic man keep track.  Mostly light and dark.  Who started calling the light daytime and the dark night?  When they were to meet some one "How did they set a time?".  Have we improved or just became a slave to our concept of time?  Image you were here on earth during the age of the caveman.  Did your job require you to know about time?  The problem of staying alive was probably more important.  When you found there was fire were you very happy?  As you learned to make fire were you looked up to?  When you and your buddies were out hunting and you came upon some other hunters, not from your group "Why did you fight them?".  Why couldn't you sit down and share a few moments of brotherhood?

From the time we are born we have to be taught to share and accept other people, and respect them as humans.  Unfortunately this lesson is lost on some humans.  Maybe more on some "Leaders" than on the average human.  As we come to this day in December and a star was seen and Jesus was born and time started to be counted differently.  BC / AD  Did this man the Son of God change the world so much?  Many say yes.  Many do not believe and chose to follow their God.

So here we are in 2014 AD still fighting.  What does this say about humans?

Take care, love some one.  Respect those who hate you, forgive them for not learning how to be a human when they were born.