Sunday, June 9, 2013

Western evening

It has been a day of hard work.  Rode drag till nooning.  We are some where along the trail.  Haven't seen anyone else.  Not even and Indian.  The weather has been hot.  But at least we have been able to find water at sundown.  Beef and beans are getting kinda old.  Maybe the scouts will be able to get some fresh meat soon.  Old Sam the cook can make some good biscuits.  Out of bacon.  Maybe we will get close to a trading post or small settlement, then we can lay in some supplies.  Full moon tonight.  My turn to ride night heard from midnight till dawn.  Better turn in now.  Long day tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Great day for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 5th, our first child was born.  That was a very special day.  My wife's Mother was here for the birth, my parents were there also.  But beyond that it was a special day for me.  I had a daughter.  I was a Dad.  I had a family of my own.  No worries about the future.  It was here now.  To begin to know someone from the day they were born was awesome.  To see her personality develop.  Share moments as father and daughter. Basket ball, tennis, volley ball, dog training, driving her to prom.  High school graduation. College, meeting for late lunch/early dinner.  Trip to Canada with daughter number two.  Yellow Stone whole family.  College graduation.  Move in with her boyfriend., stay in Poky while we move to SoCal.  She gets married in the Little Chapel of the West in LV.  I walk her down the ail.  She has her first born, a boy.  We become like two peas in a pod.  I spend a lot of time at her house.  We bond even tighter.  I am accepted by her husband.  I am a member of her family.  Sandy I am so proud of you, Marty and Tristan.  Love you all so much.  Happy birthday, quite a surprise  when Isabel showed up.  It makes me happy that my two girls get along so well.  Hope you all had a great evening.
Love Pappy