Sunday, May 31, 2009


Disappointment abounds. Cav's lost in a big way. Could Orlando be for real? Superman will need to play well if they want to beat the Laker's. His defense and post up play will be tested. Could it be the Jazz will trade CB to the Cav's for ????? The big Z!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Jazz have a lot to consider this off season. The fans will stick with them if progress can be made.

I will go out on a limb here and say the Orlando Magic in seven.

Another out on the tiny limb predication; Danica finishes second in the IRL.

There they stand, bold and brassy. Write them down, heed my look into the future.

Take care, be kind to your fellow man. For tomorrow he may be King!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Garden

The view from my office is nice. It looks into our backyard. Today I took some photo's and will post some. It is relaxing and peaceful to look up from the computer and see the plants and flowers. This year for my tomato's I am trying something new. A "Topsy Turvy". The plants hang upside down. We should be able to cut our loss of tomato's due to snails, ground rot, etc. So far they are doing well. The plants N brought over will add much to our garden. Our patio has a lot of potted plants already, so we will need to plant several of those we received from N.

The weather has been good lately. Cloud cover in the morning then a ocean breeze from about 11 am on. Temperature in the high 70's. Mid 60's at night. Good sleeping. Jo's school year is winding down. It will be nice to have her around during the day. We don't do much but I like her company.

On my recent trip thru Las Vegas I was tempted to put money on the Cleveland Cav's to take the NBA title. But they are having a tough time with Orlando. Maybe I saved myself some money. When the Jazz were in the finals way back when, I put $100 on them to take the title. The Bull's proved to much for Malone and company. I am still a Jazz fan. Maybe they can make some trades this year and get back to the finals next year. Jo is flying high over the big soccer win by Barcelona. I am happy for her. Her Dad was a season ticket holder for that club for many years.

With summer vacation coming up you know gas prices are also going up. Gas is $2.60 a gallon here. Like MT always says "Californians don't know what to pay for things." The state raises the gas tax to keep us from driving, then complains they don't get enough revenue from gasoline taxes to build and repair roads. The federal government wants vehicles to get 35mpg. . Then they will want to raise the federal tax on gasoline so they will have money for the federal highways. What you gonna do?

Take care, be kind to your Senator and Congressman. They are feeding at the public trough, and goodness knows we (the people) don't want to upset them by being practical.


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Back home in CA. Good to be home, had a good time in UT, but it's nice to get home. I enjoy the time I spend with Sandy and her family. They make me feel very welcome. Tristan and I enjoy each others company and get along very well. But home is home.

The SSR again was a pleasure to drive.

Tristan is playing soccer. I got to see him play in two games. He did very well. The team is quite good. 2-0 so far.

JP did a good job taking care of the garden while I was away. Our tomato plants are growing and now have some small tomatoes.

This weekend is the official start of summer vacation season. JP and I will grill some pork ribs tomorrow. Maybe N will come over to share them.

Take care all.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Open Road

Greetings all,

I am posting this from West Valley City, UT. I arrived here about noon today. I left home Sunday in the SSR. It felt good to get out on the open road and let Black Beauty run. This car attracts attention. I really enjoy driving the SSR. The sound of the exhaust is music to my ears. Speaking of music I played the new BH cd on the trip. Great. Great songs, wonderful guitar work, great harmony. Really good production.

I made a pit stop in Jean, NV at the Gold Strike Casio. There are some slot machines there called "Wheel of Fortune". You play them normally, then if a symbol comes up that says "Wheel of Fortune" you get a free spin of "Wheel of Fortune" that's on top of the machine. A needle goes around various pay out amounts (20, 40, 250, etc.). The amounts it stops on is your payout. After putting about $2 in I got the free "Wheel of Fortune" spin. One thousand quarters. Two Hundred Fifty dollars. Not a huge win but very satisfying for me. The cashier paid me, I said thank you and got back on the road. Good start to the trip.

Looking forward to a very good visit with family here in UT. T already has some shopping plans lined up. Starting tomorrow at Barnes & Noble. A book store.

Take care all.