Friday, October 17, 2014

#27 2014

Having some new carpet and vinyl flooring today.  This requires all the rooms (living room, dining room) to be empty.  You don't realize haw much stuff there is to move.  The flooring guys moved the furniture but it was necessary to empty the shelves.  Now the kitchen is full of things from the dining room.  The patio is full of things from the living room and dining room.  Just a path way to the side door to get outside.  Some what of a hassle.  But should be worth this little in convince when all is done.

How about those Giants?  Great games.  They say they win ugly, but they win by teamwork and determination.  Their closing pitcher has a poker face.  Rarely does he shake off a pitch called for by the catcher.  He is one tough dude.  Here's to them going all the way in the World Series.  Go GIANTS!!!!!!

The Utah Jazz are undefeated in the pre-season.  Work hard guys, make the play offs this year.

Not much else going on here.  Take care.  Be kind to your fellow human.

Friday, October 10, 2014

#26 2014

So many things going on in the world.  With the internet we are in and instant news world.  If somebody sneezes in any part of the world we know about it right away.  Whatever happens any where in the world, it affects us. (USA)Every one and his brother has and opinion on things.  In the "old days" we might not hear about and event for a few days.  Now it gets posted, blogged about and discussed for a nano second, then there is something new.  This is the time for real leadership in this country and the world.

When I was younger there were many things I wanted to accomplish.  As I got older I began to realize what I could actually do.  As time went on I found what I enjoyed and could be effective doing.  Some times you have to go through several stages to find your peace of mind.  I once heard about a man who was feeling sorry for himself.  All he had to eat was fruit from dumpster's, then he looked back and there was a man eating what he wouldn't eat.  Look at yourself.  Be a better person.  Find something in your life that brings you contentment.  Enlarge that.  Be thankful you are alive.  Embrace being on this earth.  Your time here is what you make of it.  Your burden in life can be heavy or light.  That is a choice you can make.

Good night.