Monday, May 4, 2009

Open Road

Greetings all,

I am posting this from West Valley City, UT. I arrived here about noon today. I left home Sunday in the SSR. It felt good to get out on the open road and let Black Beauty run. This car attracts attention. I really enjoy driving the SSR. The sound of the exhaust is music to my ears. Speaking of music I played the new BH cd on the trip. Great. Great songs, wonderful guitar work, great harmony. Really good production.

I made a pit stop in Jean, NV at the Gold Strike Casio. There are some slot machines there called "Wheel of Fortune". You play them normally, then if a symbol comes up that says "Wheel of Fortune" you get a free spin of "Wheel of Fortune" that's on top of the machine. A needle goes around various pay out amounts (20, 40, 250, etc.). The amounts it stops on is your payout. After putting about $2 in I got the free "Wheel of Fortune" spin. One thousand quarters. Two Hundred Fifty dollars. Not a huge win but very satisfying for me. The cashier paid me, I said thank you and got back on the road. Good start to the trip.

Looking forward to a very good visit with family here in UT. T already has some shopping plans lined up. Starting tomorrow at Barnes & Noble. A book store.

Take care all.


RedRed said...

Nice way to start the trip! Now you will have some extra money so T won't bleed you dry.

Kteach said...

Way to go Marv!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the CD...maybe it was the "Las Vegas" vibe that helped you win :)