Monday, January 20, 2014

#5 2014

MLK Day, a true leader.

Weekend NFL.  One of my teams won (Denver) the other is still missing some parts(Niners).  Oh well go Denver.

Sandy your kitchen looks very good.  That pesky sign from the garden store is annoying, but informative.  Black curtains I would never thought they would work but they look good.  Tab tops are so easy to open and don"t get bunched up to bad.  I wanted to get new curtains for our kitchen but Jo said the ones we have are alright.

This week is my sisters birthday.  Wish her a happy day.

Had the SSR out today, got it washed.  Needed a smog test but the battery going down last week made the computer go down, so they told me to drive it a couple of days and come back.  Hope it works out.  The same thing happened the last time it was smoged, I was in a re-hab center and Norbert had to do the same.

Take care.

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RedRed said...

Thanks Dad! I really like the kitchen. The new sink is a little deeper than the old one; not sure how I feel about that yet. I guess I'll live with it :) The black curtains are kind of strange, but they are growing on me. When we paint the cupboards white, I think it will look great!