Monday, January 5, 2009

A Tangled Web

I was reading the blogs today and was suprised by how a country boy from the backwoods of OK got so involved internationaly. As a shy innocent lad of 24 years I met a lovely girl in Barcelona.
After a wirlwind courtship we were married. This year we will celebrate 44 years togeather. One late night she was surfing on the www and came across a post that put another peice in the puzzle. She discovered a half sister in Sweden. Waiting at the airport for M's arrival JP and I asked how will we know her. Silly question. They look enough alike to be sister's. There was many long talks, sharing memories of "our father" R. Each from their own understanding of the man. Our girls came to meet M and were suprised at how alike JP and M are. Through Facebook M is now in touch with neices in Spain. Her son J will perform with the rock group H.E.A.T in Barcelona soon. Some members of the Spainish family will attend the show and meet J. This has all been very wonderful. For M I am sure it has answered many questions. I am happy for her and JP.

My brother D is very interested in our family tree. He has done a lot of research and compiled stories told to him by uncles on my father's side. On a visit at Christmas he shared the fact that he was the 4th couisn 6 times removed from two US presidents. Being his brother I guess I qualify too.

Being a simple country boy this is hard for me to wrap my head around. But very interesting. I wonder how Sam and Dave are doing?

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

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emtes said...

And I'm happy to be part of your family. I'm also happy for the warm welcome you all gave me the first time I came and the other times of course but the first could have been akward but wasn't because of your warmth. It couldn't have been easy welcoming someone you have never heard of before but I'm truly blessed to have you.
Love you all. Hope you will have a wonderful year 2009
Mia :-)