Monday, February 20, 2017

#20 Anniversary and More

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated being married 52 years.  We had a joyful yet non eventful day.  Memories kept coming to mind.  My wife is and immigrant from Spain.  We met in Spain, had a courtship there.  On Christmas Day I asked her father for her hand in marriage.  I bring this up because she will always call Spain her home country.  Some customs and holidays mean more to her Spanish side.  Her home country now is the USA.  We built a life here, had children here and raised them here.  We have all been back to Spain to visit and enjoy what that country offers.  I respect her love of her home country and share some fond memories. 

We have two daughter who we love very much.  They grew up to be outstanding adults.  They have different views on politics than we do.  I applaud and respect those views. 

Take care hug someone you love.  Be kind and respectful to others.


Kteach said...

And some said it wouldn't last, we fooled them, didn't we? Happy Anniversary to us!

Lizzie Wann said...

Happy to read every word of this post, Dad! Love you!

RedRed said...

Nice! Love you too, Dad!