Sunday, June 25, 2017

# 28 Dogs

I was setting on the swing in our back yard yesterday evening.  Our dog LuLu was around.  Then she came over to sit by me.  As I petted her and told her what a pretty puppy she was.  These questions came to mind.  So do dogs show love or is it affection, devotion?  Why do we talk to dogs?  I consider LuLu a friend and companion.  When I get home from the Center she always greets me with joy.  Watching TV she is always close by.  When JP goes out shopping or just to pick up some fast food, LuLu  will wait for her return.  If I am in another room she will excitably run to me to alert me that her other human is home.  She gives so much and asks so little.  I am happy to have LuLu in my life.  She gives me comfort and joy.

Take care.


RedRed said...

Dogs are the best!!

Lizzie Wann said...

she's gotten to be pretty sweet

Kteach said...

Lulu seems very happy and puppylike lately. Love her :)